Premium 5-Abreast Cabin

Collaboration, innovation – the new premium 5-abreast cabin

Our new premium economy cabin for A320 aircraft comes from a collaboration between HAECO Cabin Solutions and Diehl Aviation.  With Eclipse Staggered, HAECO delivers a new, innovative premium economy seat that offers optimum comfort and the option for 2+3 seating on A320 aircraft – 25% more seats per row. These seats can be combined with light, new-technology enlarged bins and other furniture from the Diehl Aviation product line. This allows the cabin to be adapted for asymmetrical seat distribution, thereby creating a unique feeling of space.

HAECO Cabin Solutions and Diehl Aviation offer modification of existing cabins through a standard modification kit (FAA through HAECO, EASA through Diehl Aviation). The kit is designed for fast, simple conversion, and only requires the seats and stowage.

To intelligently densify the economy section without sacrificing comfort, we provide the Vector Light and Vector Economy seats from HAECO Cabin Solutions. In combination with the enlarged bins, it greatly expands luggage compartment volume. Our Skypax solution offers one to two additional rows of seating. The Aft Simplex solution can save even more weight. Both system solutions include award winning wheelchair-accessible lavatories with superior comfort and privacy.




Standard components of the premium 5-abreast cabin
  • HAECO Cabin Solution Eclipse Staggered, 5 per row, in a 3+2 combination with standard minimum aisle width
  • Expanded storage bins, left and right, appropriately designed for the aisle position in the 3+2 configuration
  • Transitions between 3+2 and 3+3 storage bin arrangements
  • New PSU channels integrated into the bins. Existing PSU channel devices can be completely reused.
Easy conversion, excellent integration
  • No changes necessary to existing panels, such as ceilings or side walls
  • Existing lamps are reused, repositioned in the new storage bins. The necessary electrical equipment is included in the kit
  • No change needed to the ventilation system
Optional products for a large spatial feel
  • AirPax as Aft Complex (8 half-size trolleys, up to 20 SU) / double PRM lavatory, provides for 1 additional row of seats, saves weight, and requires no new cross-member
  • Curtains as a separation element for the 3+2 and 3+3 solution
  • Vector Light – economy seats, ultra-light and space saving for optimal consolidation
  • Enlarged storage bins for the cabin's economy section
  • Dividing walls, door 1 in front of the first row of seats, adapted to the 3+2 arrangement, optionally with windows
  • Storage space element or similar, door 1 in front of the first row of seats, adapted to the 3+2 arrangement