Upgrade Solutions Upgrade Solutions

Retrofit as one-stop strategy  

By expanding our Upgrade Solutions division, Diehl Aviation is repositioning itself. We have combined a whole range of measures and created solutions enabling our customers to maintain the respective current status of their cabin interiors for long periods of time. The benefits are obvious. Airlines are able to offer state-of-the-art comfort for their passengers, without having to drive up capital expenditure for new purchases.

By implementing our One-Stop-Service strategy, we also make this "comfort" available to our customers for Upgrade Solutions and refurbishment services. Our range of comprehensive solutions includes all individual services: From initial consultation and planning services via the implementation of development and production tasks to complete integration, together with issuing all certificates required to resume flight operations. The actual measures comprise selection, installation and control of "new" product groups or individual components as well as standard refurbishment measures and decorating work.

Consulting Consulting

Comprehensive consulting quality

Airline and MRO customers profit from Diehl Aviation´s extensive experience with Airbus and Boeing product programs and thus their position as a leading supplier for cabin and systems solutions. As a result of the company´s market position, the Retrofit division bundles a wide spectrum of expertise and sound, longstanding knowledge. We know the airlines’ requirements and develop innovative solutions, which include the newest technology provided by manufacturers and suppliers.

The scope of our consulting services includes general conception such as preparing layouts (LOPA-Services), arranging individual components or use of current technologies as well as the selection of different design options. Diehl Aviation has a large global network with partners and is able to provide on-site customer consultation.

Planning Planning

Architecture: Comprehensive planning

In the course of retrofitting and refurbishment services, planning plays an ever-greater role due to the constantly increasing scope of tasks. Customer-defined ideas, concepts, products and services must be checked in the planning stage for their suitability for the requirements of the relevant aircraft types and models, as well as their mutual compatibility.  

There are also practical planning tasks. They include, for example, the involvement of professional, qualified staff, equipment with the right tools, as well as standard and requirement checks by aviation authorities. Efficiently fulfilling customer demands is ensured throughout the process chain: from the initial consultation and planning, to development and production implementation, and finally to the integration (STC).

Development & Production Development & Production

Comprehensive capacities – own developer teams

Whether developing and producing innovative products or adapting them in the context of existing overall solutions, Diehl Aviation is always able to provide its customers with high-quality solutions for all requirements, regardless of complexity. Please find an overview of our product portfolio here.

As a tier-1 supplier with high innovation standards, we are able to take advantage of extensive in-house development and production capacities.

To do so, we provide our customers, for example, with their own developer teams to solve particularly challenging integrative or technical tasks. We often find solutions where we adapt existing serial products to specific demands, thus resulting in attractive cost benefits.

Refurbishment Refurbishment

Refurbishment: Uncompromisingly reliable  

Drawing on many years of experience implementing numerous OEM projects, we offer every customer - according to their needs - standard, individualized, or combined retrofit and refurbishment solutions.

This applies to all common aircraft types and models – both on the systems solution level and also on the product level, all the way down to the replacement or reconditioning of larger individual components. We combine particularly high-quality reconditioning of selected cabin components with uncompromisingly high implementation speed. Our customers lose as little time as possible when reconditioning their cabin.

Staff Staff

Integration: Highly qualified technical staff

At Diehl Aviation we are able to draw on a global network of highly qualified staff, mainly fitters and engineers, who can work on site and perform within very short implementation times.

Both conversions and retrofitting of aircraft cabins require large work spaces that are specifically suited for such use. Regardless of where you need the work done, we are able to support you in your retrofitting and refurbishment needs of any common aircraft types and models.


Certification Certification


In line with our "One-Stop-Service" model we also provide all certifications following successful conversion or retrofitting projects. This applies primarily to minor changes and STC certifications ("Supplemental Type Certificates"), but also to any other required refurbishment inspection, associated tests and the entire administrative efforts associated with the required certificates.