Smart Wireless Seat Monitoring System

Smart Wireless Seat Monitoring System Smart Wireless Seat Monitoring System

The invisible helper

Wouldn't it be great to have an invisible helper on board during the flight to take on additional responsibility? Someone who assists passengers and crew members to enjoy maximum safety, checks the current status of individual seats, even during turbulences, while the crew can remain safely in their seats? Someone who verifies that each and every seat is equipped with the relevant safety elements and who checks that no personal property is left in the seat pockets or overhead lockers when the passengers are leaving the cabin?

The Smart Wireless Seat Monitoring System of Diehl Aviation is a completely self-sufficient innovation by Diehl Aviation that can be easily integrated into existing cabin management systems (CMS). Even today, it is already able to support a broad range of crew work routines and directly transmits status updates to the passengers' mobile terminals. As a wireless communication system with battery-free sensors, the Smart Wireless Seat Monitoring System can be effortlessly integrated into both new planes or as a retrofit. Enhancing the scope of performance without additional cabling or wasting space – this is how we create new innovation in existing spaces!

Visions for the future

Innovative systems today should already be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Thanks to its modular structure, the Smart Wireless Seat Monitoring System is focused on integrating additional sensor nodes to support future innovations as a reliable partner and to actively support the crew as an "invisible team member, growing with its tasks."

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