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About us About us

Value to the Sky.

Innovations. Solutions. And the customer is always right at the center.                                               

Diehl Aviation is a global partner for the entire aviation industry. We are pioneers when it comes to tracking down new technologies, and we drive innovation so that we can implement it in all our business areas. We work every single day with people – for people. And, side by side, we face up to the challenges our future has in store for us. We have set ourselves the goals of making travel increasingly more comfortable and safer, saving valuable resources, and presenting ground-breaking solutions to our customers in all business areas. Diehl Aviation is part of a successful family business and is synonymous with the mobility of the future.

Our strategy has already enabled many trailblazing technologies in the past, and we intend to carry out research and development in the future to maintain our pole position as a well-respected and leading partner in the aviation industry. Diehl Aviation‘s portfolio encompasses versatile cabin equipment, on-board lavatories, avionics, monuments, lighting, electronics, fire protection, water supply and water disposal and air-conditioning systems.

In addition to original equipment, we also offer a wide range of solutions in the form of upgrade solutions for the aftersales market, as well as comprehensive service products with a worldwide customer service. One major advantage of this is that the products of Diehl Aviation are maintained in perfect condition throughout the entire lifecycle of an aircraft: customer service at the very highest level. Our customers include virtually all reputable aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer und Gulfstream. But, for us, these companies are much more than customers! They are our partners who share the same, unquenchable passion for aviation. Our common goals, aspirations and values are the bonds which join us together. In addition, Diehl Aviation is active and successful in the market Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), for example for Volocopter, Airbus and Lilium. The company is also involved in various programmes within the military segment, such as Tiger, Eurofighter or the A400M.

Numerous projects in cooperation with various partners show what innovation and passion can achieve when they are combined by people who look to the future, hand in hand and on an equal footing. Our common goal, every time: Make it possible!

The aviation industry is developing at a breath-taking speed and we are confronted repeatedly with new challenges. Digital and networked functions, eco-efficient flying or more rapid installation requirements. We face up to these challenges and we find solutions – and we do this for our customers, because it is deeply rooted in our DNA! And this is how we, as international partners, can shape the flight of the future.

Corporate Division Board

  • Dr. Jörg Schuler (President)
  • Harald Mehring
  • Jochen Klink
  • Dr. Christoph Weigand