Air Refrigeration Unit

Air Refrigeration Unit Air Refrigeration Unit

Refrigeration in its most compact form

Galleys are among the central and also most complex components inside aircraft cabins, providing a broad canvas for technological or structural innovations. This starts with implementing minimal technical enhancements all the way to completely new design concepts.

One of the main functions of galleys is the refrigeration, mainly of food and beverages. The best-possible compact, space- and especially energy-saving solutions are needed. This is for example reflected in an exemplary and innovative way in the development of the air refrigeration unit (ARU). 

Diehl Aviation has developed concepts and prototypes for novel refrigeration units which combine several benefits or functionalities in one closed unit.

For example, with their high cooling capacity of 1000 – 4000 BTU, these air refrigeration units are able to cool several trolleys at the same time, while also designed to consume very little energy. Weighing 20 kg/ 44 lb with very flat dimensions (with a maximum width of 100 mm), they are easy to transport and especially safe to use. The modules comprise a functionality that allows for preventive maintenance and therefore guarantees operability almost without interruptions.

Basic handling as another significant innovative factor allows for the quickest installation and removal possibility. And: ARU can be used across the entire spectrum of Diehl Aviation galley programs.