Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions Innovative Solutions
Ian Harbison from the Aircraft Cabin Management magazine with our winner team Beatrice Kornek-Percin and Benno Petersen. Congratulations!

Boosting innovation

Our research and development activities are the basis for ever-new concepts for optimizing not only technological performance but also the flight experience for passengers. Covering topics from cabin to avionics, electronics, illumination, energy, safety and fire protection, its innovations have won Diehl Aviation the prominent Crystal Cabin Award four times. The last trophy was recently won for the new Powerline Communication at last year's CCA award during the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2017 in category Cabin Systems.

  • Integrated Cabin Solutions Integrated Cabin Solutions

    Integrated Cabin Solutions

    Diehl Aviation develops, manufactures and markets integrated solutions for the aircraft cabins of the future. One service provider for all, with advanced optimization potential integrated into proven concepts.

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  • Smart Wireless Seat Monitoring System Smart Wireless Seat Monitoring System

    Smart Wireless Seat Monitoring System

    Wouldn't it be great to have an invisible helper on board during the flight to take on additional responsibility?

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  • Galley Bar Module Galley Bar Module

    Galley Bar Module

    If a table tennis tournament is staged in the waiting area of an airport's departure gate, then this space is converted into a sports venue for the duration of the event.

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  • Smart Galley Smart Galley

    Smart Galley

    Compactness and aesthetics, modularity and functionality – these are the pillars supporting the "Smart Galley Concept" of Diehl Aviation.

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  • Air Refrigeration Unit Air Refrigeration Unit

    Air Refrigeration Unit

    Galleys are among the central and also most complex components inside aircraft cabins, providing a broad canvas for technological or structural innovations.

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  • Power Line Communication Power Line Communication

    Power Line Communication

    The increasing demand for ever-more distinguished and sophisticated comfort and entertainment functions inside the cabin also raises expectations of the equipment and the multitude of associated components.

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  • Aerosol-GWDU
    Aerosol-GWDU Aerosol-GWDU

    Since 1997 Galley Waste Disposal Units of various suppliers enable the disposal of small – partly liquid – galley waste directly into the aircraft’s waste tanks. But the innovative GWDU6978 – newly applied for A350XWB – is utilizing an innovative aerosol-air vectoring injection system and a specific industrial design approach featuring a one-box architecture with brushed metal surfaces and a one button user interface with a multi-colored light ring providing status feedback.

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  • Cabin Management & Service Systems
    Cabin Management & Service Systems Cabin Management & Service Systems

    Intelligent systems are open to new ideas

    New and further developments in the field of electrical services are constantly changing the cabin's appearance. Especially the scope of cabin electronics functions such as lighting, galley, board entertainment or water and waste systems is constantly expanding thanks to the innovative strength in aviation. Flexible, modular cabin management systems such as the Diehl Cabin Management and Services System (CMSS) are designed to be able to effectively integrate existing control architectures in the shortest possible time. The different "languages" of the devices here are translated into one "universal language" and bundled in a central interface, the Attendant Control Panel (ACP). New devices are incorporated via hubs, and information about their structure and function is entered into the overall system. In return, the control surface of the central interface now can be used to issue commands to the newly incorporated device. CMSS and the incorporated devices can be controlled via any number of touch screens inside the cabin, making it easier in the future for the crew to get an overview over various tasks. Along the lines of "many eyes see more than one", each crew member has equal access to the CMSS. This makes it possible to organize workflows more efficiently and to free up more time for personal attention to passengers.

    Visions for the future

    The ACP as "controlling brain" of contemporary cabin electronics will be able to expand its knowledge and skills autonomously by integrating sensor technology and Internet access as KI, and will grow "hands, eyes, and ears". An intelligent system that keeps on learning and in the future, will autonomously perform additional tasks such as self-maintenance or individual passenger requests. By designing ever more life-like CMSS, we create the conditions for making tomorrow's cabin ready for future innovations.

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    DACAPO® is an innovative concept designed to supply passenger cabins with electrical energy, and to significantly disburden the airplane power supply. Electrical power is generated by a power cell inside MAGIC® Galleys, and consequently the cabin can be supplied by one or more galleys.

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  • Diehl Lavatory
    Diehl Lavatory Diehl Lavatory

    Thanks to its modular design, Diehl's lavatory concept offers a viable compromise between optimized cost control and standardization, the most efficient use of the cabin space, and the highest degree of flexibility. In fact, the NG8-based lavatory can be easily and quickly installed in any aircraft type, or passenger class at any position regardless of the specific cabin layout and contours.

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  • DIANA: Cabin Design Concept
    DIANA: Cabin Design Concept DIANA: Cabin Design Concept

    DIANA is a generic cabin design concept with a unique and visionary cabin design language. The concept takes a holistic approach, combining all lining parts (side walls, bins, ceilings, and monuments such as lavatories and galleys) with innovative design features such as organic, convex and concave surfaces, edges, and facets. The cabin lighting system interacts with the design elements by using light and shadow to create a new cabin experience for passengers. This concept was developed as a part of the research project "DIANA".

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  • Digital Printing
    Digital Printing Digital Printing

    Digital printing is a technical solution for all cabin lining parts that allows individual cabin designs. Instead of pre-printed décor foils an individual print is applied directly to the interior part.

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  • Efficient Authentication Systems (EAS)
    Efficient Authentication Systems (EAS) Efficient Authentication Systems (EAS)

    The Efficient Authentication System allows Crew Members to get simplified access to crew restricted areas like for instance the Crew Rest Compartment with an increased level of security compared to established systems. The new system is a combination of a Door Locking System and a person recognition technology developed by Diehl Aerospace.

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  • False Alarm Safe Fire and Smoke Detection
    False Alarm Safe Fire and Smoke Detection False Alarm Safe Fire and Smoke Detection

    Multi-sensor technology for cargo and cabin applications

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  • Front Row Monument
    Front Row Monument Front Row Monument

    Front Row Monuments (FRM) create the environment in front of the business class seat. They include an integrated foot rest or ottoman, IFE screen, compartments for personal items, literature pockets, and other amenities, such as glass holders, coat hooks, holders for glasses etc.

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  • Green Fire Suppression System
    Green Fire Suppression System Green Fire Suppression System

    Fire suppression systems in cargo holds of passenger aircraft are currently using halon as fire suppression agent. Halon as one of the most striking ozone depletion agents is banned from production worldwide and will be excluded from new EASA aircraft program certifications from 2018 on. This drives the need for a replacement without drawbacks in any of the known fire scenarios.

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  • Hygienic Lavatory
    Hygienic Lavatory Hygienic Lavatory

    The toilet lid and seat open and close without touching and are moved by an automatic and electric drive. The lid closes before flushing so that the noise level is minimized. In case of any power loss or drive failure, the toilet unit can still be operated manually. The lavatory therefore can remain in service despite of a possible defect. All passenger safety aspects are considered.

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  • InnoLite Toilet Assembly
    InnoLite Toilet Assembly InnoLite Toilet Assembly

    The Toilet Assembly (TA) is more than just a lavatory; it is also provides toilet paper, seat covers, paper tissues, and deals with other standard lavatory waste matter.

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  • Plug'n'Stow Module (PSM)
    Plug'n'Stow Module (PSM) Plug'n'Stow Module (PSM)

    Ovens are often not used on short-haul flights while hand stowage is limited in aircraft cabins. The newly-developed, cost-efficient Plug ’n’ Stow Module is a simple drop-in replacement for any standard ATLAS inserts (oven, fridge, etc.). The module extends on-board storage space and frees up overhead bins for passenger luggage by moving emergency equipment, crew luggage, or other items into the additional space created in the galley. The module is fully retrofit-enabled as no modifications are required and supports flexibility in different catering service approaches.

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  • Projection Enabled Flight Experience
    Projection Enabled Flight Experience Projection Enabled Flight Experience

    DandelionTM has a broad range of design possibilities. The cabin ambience is enriched by the use of pictures and moving images. When combined, the harmonization of cabin illumination and cabin projection creates an outstanding passenger experience.

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  • Smart Boarding
    Smart Boarding Smart Boarding

    Visual guidance is provided on a screen installed in the entrance area of the aircraft or on the passenger's own mobile phone. A seat map displays the relevant section of the cabin layout and highlights the reserved seat. This guidance can be further supported with cabin illumination and the innovative iPanels with integrated display applications. All elements of the Smart Boarding feature are controlled and coordinated by the Cabin Management and Services System (CMSS), providing a unique setting for the passenger.

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  • Space Optimized Lavatory (31'')
    Space Optimized Lavatory (31'') Space Optimized Lavatory (31'')

    The new 31" lavatory brings more space into your cabin and allows a more flexible cabin utilization, as well as bringing with it the potential for additional revenue. Despite its narrow footprint, the space-saving lavatory retains all the features of a standard lavatory. Thanks to optimized room geometry, passengers can make use of the facility as usual, without any restriction of movement. It can be customized and supplemented with versatile features.

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  • Stowalley
    Stowalley Stowalley

    Modern aircraft cabins need to be able to support the increasing flexibility in the use of an aircraft for routes from short to long haul and the corresponding alteration of required catering capacity. Aside from various distances, the different route destinations necessitate versatile requirements. The Stowalley is a versatile monument supporting such flexibility with its easy conversion from a dry galley/shelf storage unit to a coat closet.

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  • SYLVIA - Synergetic Entrance Area
    SYLVIA - Synergetic Entrance Area SYLVIA - Synergetic Entrance Area

    Currently the layout of a single aisle aircraft includes a lavatory on the lefthand side and a galley on the right-hand side. Both monuments need individual system interfaces for services such as power, water, and waste water. SYLVIA is a concept which was developed for single aisle aircraft and combines both lavatory and galley monuments in one module on the right-hand side using synergetic systems. The free space that this generates on the left-hand side can be customized for various uses.

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  • Treatment Module
    Treatment Module Treatment Module

    UV light is well suited for fighting detrimental microorganisms in an effective way. No chemicals are required. Taste, smell, and color of the water are not affected and there are no byproducts.

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