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1957: Incorporation

Incorporation of Aero-Dienst GmbHIncorporation of Aero-Dienst GmbH

Incorporation of Aero-Dienst GmbH

Born out of necessity: In 1957, with a corporate plane of their own, but no maintenance options, Karl Diehl and his cousin Karl Heinz Schmidt establish Aero-Dienst GmbH. In the years to come, the company develops successfully; from 1975, it acts as exclusive partner of ADAC and in 1998 is transferred to it.

Expansion of aviation competencesExpansion of aviation competences

Expansion of aviation competences

Already in the early years of the Bundeswehr, in the late 1950s, Diehl is contracted to maintain autopilots of Noratlas planes and continues to expand its aviation activities through license manufacture. Diehl Luftfahrt Elektronik (DLE) emerged from activities such as these.

1970: Cooperations

Diehl and Airbus: Partners from the very startDiehl and Airbus: Partners from the very start

Diehl and Airbus: Partners from the very start

1970: DLE is involved in the development of the A300 by contributing cabin lighting and emergency power supply work packages. The close collaboration with Airbus continues – to this day.

1980: Acquisition

Acquisition of BGTAcquisition of BGT

Acquisition of BGT

In 1989, Diehl acquires Bodenseewerk Gerätetechnik (BGT), one of the most renowned manufacturers of guided missiles and aviation equipment.

1990: VDO Luftfahrtgeräte

Aquisition of VDO LuftfahrtgeräteAquisition of VDO Luftfahrtgeräte

Aquisition of VDO Luftfahrtgeräte

Together with its partner Sextant Avionique, Diehl in 1993 takes over VDO Luftfahrtgeräte, a supplier of display management computers for the Airbus family. 

Incorporation of Diehl Avionik SystemeIncorporation of Diehl Avionik Systeme

Incorporation of Diehl Avionik Systeme

In 1999, Diehl Avionik Systeme is established together with the BGT Division Regulation and Navigation. From then on, all activities in the field of electronic flight and engine control, digital display systems, on-board computers and sensors are bundled here.

2000: New Division

New Division VA SystemsNew Division VA Systems

New Division VA Systems

In 2000, the two Divisions Munition and Aviation are consolidated into the new Division "Defense Systems & Avionics" (DA Systems). With nearly 4,000 employees and sales in excess of a billion marks per annum, the new Division was able to significantly increase its clout.

Diehl with comprehensive work packages for Airbus A380Diehl with comprehensive work packages for Airbus A380

Diehl with comprehensive work packages for Airbus A380

From cockpit equipment via flight control to cabin systems: In 2003, Diehl was awarded contracts for a whole range of important base systems for the A380, including the first fully automatically opening passenger doors ever to be installed in a plane.

Diehl as supplier for Boeing "Dreamliner"Diehl as supplier for Boeing "Dreamliner"

Diehl as supplier for Boeing "Dreamliner"

2005: U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing selects Diehl as first German supplier for its new aircraft family 787 "Dreamliner". 

Diehl Luftfahrt Elektronik develops a cabin lighting system which allows for creating different lighting moods and simulating sunrises and sunsets.
Diehl has been supplying Boeing with lighting components in particular already since the early 1990.

Diehl Aerospace combines aviation businessDiehl Aerospace combines aviation business

Diehl Aerospace combines aviation business

2006 : Diehl Luftfahrt Elektronik in Nuremberg and Diehl Avionik Systeme are consolidated into Diehl Aerospace. Overall, the company employs a workforce of around 1,200 at the sites in Frankfurt/Main, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Rostock, Sterrett (USA), Toulouse, and Überlingen.

Extensive work packages for Airbus A350 XWBExtensive work packages for Airbus A350 XWB

Extensive work packages for Airbus A350 XWB

2007: Starting signal for development and construction of the A350 XWB: With a total of 13 work packages in the fields of electronics and cabin integration, Diehl Aerosystem has been involved in the construction of the A350 XWB like no other first-tier supplier in the world. 

Diehl and Thales take over Airbus plant LaupheimDiehl and Thales take over Airbus plant Laupheim

Diehl and Thales take over Airbus plant Laupheim

In October 2008, Diehl and Thales take over the Airbus plant in Laupheim, which as a business unit with the Division continues under the name "Diehl Aircabin". The takeover provides the basis for cooperative partnerships with the large aircraft manufacturers. In 2012, Thales leaves its shares in Diehl Aircabin to Diehl.

2010: The Takeovers

Takeover of DASELL Cabin Interior Takeover of DASELL Cabin Interior

Takeover of DASELL Cabin Interior

2010: With the takeover of DASELL Cabin Interior, Diehl once again expands its solution and service range in the overall field of passenger cabins. 

Since its incorporation in 1991, DASELL has developed into one of the world's most important manufacturers of on-board toilets or lavatories for aircraft cabins. Initially a joint venture of Sell GmbH and Airbus Deutschland, the companies today trade under the name Diehl Comfort Modules as a business unit of Diehl Aerosystems.

Takeover of Mühlenberg InteriorsTakeover of Mühlenberg Interiors

Takeover of Mühlenberg Interiors

2011: By acquiring on-board galley manufacturer Mühlenberg Interiors in Hamburg, Diehl Aerosystems has expanded its product competences in the field of cabin integration. The internationally renowned development, manufacturing and maintenance establishment for passenger and cargo planes was incorporated in 1909 and most recently employed 200 staff. It is now integrated into the Division as Diehl Service Modules. 

Production site in NyírbátorProduction site in Nyírbátor

Production site in Nyírbátor

Setting up the first production site of Diehl Aerosystems outside Germany has been underway since 2011 in Nyírbátor in north-eastern Hungary. The plant in Nyírbátor currently has a workforce of more than 500. 

It primarily manufacturers fit-out elements for aircraft cabins as well as air distribution systems for Airbus commercial aircraft. In 2014, the site in Nyírbátor will be expanded by constructing another production hall.

Takeover of AOATakeover of AOA

Takeover of AOA

In July 2014, Diehl announced the takeover of AOA Apparatebau Gauting. AOA offers development, manufacture and implementation of complete water supply and waste-water disposal systems as well as fire detection and air conditioning, especially for the aviation industry. 

The corporate group with production sites in Gilching near Munich and in Dresden has earned its global reputation because of its innovative solutions.

Diehl contracted for work packets for the Embraer E2 family Diehl contracted for work packets for the Embraer E2 family

Diehl contracted for work packets for the Embraer E2 family

2014: Diehl Aerosystems has been contracted by Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer for the development of complete cabin lighting, cabin management as well as passenger service units for the new E2 family.

Consolidation of DSM and DCMConsolidation of DSM and DCM

Consolidation of DSM and DCM

2016: The Diehl Aerosystems business units Diehl Service Modules (DSM) and Diehl Comfort Modules (DCM) are consolidated into DCM.