Fire Protection

Fire Protection Fire Protection
  • Aviation Smoke Detectors

    Aviation Smoke Detectors Aviation Smoke Detectors

    Diehl Aviation's product portfolio of Aviation Smoke Detectors is based on the well-proven optical light dispersion caused by fire aerosols. Its multisensory-technology comprises as well a temperature sensor. A sensor chamber heating serves as condensation prevention. As a consequence, our sensors are the most reliable false alarm free smoke detection systems as well for inaccessible areas of the aircraft which also feature a low weight and low electric power consumption. The control can be done via CAN-bus interface.

  • Ground Transportation Smoke Detectors

    Ground Transportation Smoke Detectors Ground Transportation Smoke Detectors

    The same level of fully automatic fire detection, which is obligatory in aviation long since, has become a requirement in recent years for trains. Hence Diehl Aviation has transferred its smoke detection expertise as well into the new product line of Ground Transport Smoke Detectors.In addition to the key train operating companies such as Deutsche Bahn AG our most important customers are key manufacturers such as Siemens, Bombardier Transportation, Alstom, Stadler, etc.

  • Fire Protection Control System

    Fire Protection Control System Fire Protection Control System

    Diehl Aviation’s product line of smoke detectors could either operate autonomously or could be combined into a complete smoke detection and fire suppression system – a so-called Fire Protection Control System. The core is a fire detection system that controls via CAN-bus line up to 32 individual smoke detectors. In case of an alarm the train would be supplied with an alarm signal and with information about the fire location. In addition, external fire suppression equipment could be directly triggered by the Diehl Aviation system.

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