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Marketing & Sales

Marketing & SalesMarketing & Sales

Global presence in a highly dynamic industry environment

Based on the broad product range as an aviation company and Division of Diehl Group, the global sales strategy of Diehl Aviation comprises a wide range of different measures. The main tasks include managing our existing customers. They include both global aircraft manufacturers as well as airlines, maintenance repair operations (MROs) as well as VIP customers. In so doing it is important to us to address special characteristics and the individual histories of the often-times long-standing business relationship.We furthermore continuously review the existing foundations of our business relationships in a highly dynamic industry environment with a view to potential improvements or updates. By permanently observing and analyzing the market we are able to create the conditions required to align the existing portfolio with ever-changing customer demands. This also applies to the acquisition of new customers as part of the Division's overall sales strategy. Its global presence enables Diehl Aviation Sales to unfold its dynamics in its entirety in a range of markets. More than fifty years of aviation experience create the foundation for managing existing customers and their special requests and convincing new customers of our Portfolio  and Innovative Solutions

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