Smart Lock Door

Support Crew Operations

An increasing number of airlines are using handheld devices such as tablets or smartphones for their flight attendants. The digital devices provide access to relevant information like menu plans, service procedures, manuals, duty schedules and important notifications anytime. When the terminal device is not used, it cannot yet be stored securely or in a space-saving manner.

Diehl Aviation's Smart Lock Door will enable crews to securely stow their handheld devices within sight and charge as well operate them via the user interface. Since the Smart Lock Door can be easily integrated into any monument or compartment, no valuable storage space, e.g. in a galley, is lost.

The terminal device is simply pushed behind the Smart Lock Door into the charger and the door is locked. The door is opened via a human machine interface with a RFID chip (e.g. key card, employee ID card) or alternatively a numerical code. The compartment behind the Smart Lock Door also offers cabin crew an anti-theft storage option for (valuable) items.

Keyless access allows flexible adjustment of locking authorizations and immediate blocking of lost badges. This ensures maximum security against theft or misuse anytime. The Smart Lock Door is easy to retrofit and can be adapted to different terminal sizes. Requiring only mechanical interfaces and a power supply, the system can be installed and used in all aircraft types.


  • Secure and theft protected stowage for handhelds
  • The stored digital device can still be operated and used to display relevant information (menu plans, service procedures, manuals
  • Wireless charging of the handheld (qi standard)
  • Offers cabin crew an anti theft storage option for (valuable) items with keyless access, e.g. with employee ID card, numerical code
  • Easily retrofittable and adaptable to different terminal sizes, lost no valuable storage space
  • The sleek design provides a more elegant aesthetic that’s akin to modern device
Aircraft manufacturer
  • Requiring only mechanical interfaces and a power supply

  • Easy system integration and applicable for all aircraft types