Cabin Highlights

  • Touchless Lavatory Features

    Highly developed sensors and finely responsive actuators offer hands-free procedures in highly frequented, sensitive areas, such as lavatories.

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  • Enlarged Overhead Bin

    Diehl Aviation develops, manufactures, and markets integrated and optimized solutions for aircraft cabins. For you, we design overhead bins that offer up to 60% more room for carry-on luggage. You gain increased passenger satisfaction without having to give up cabin space.

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  • Mechanical Lift System

    Upgrade Solution for Overhead Bins

    It is Diehl Aviation´s goal to provide passengers and crew the best possible experience during air travel. We are convinced that better passenger flights can only be offered in the future through continuous development in all areas of aircraft technology and cabin intergration.

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  • Premium 5-Abreast Cabin

    Collaboration, innovation – the new premium 5-abreast cabin

    Our new premium economy cabin for A320 aircraft comes from a collaboration between HAECO Cabin Solutions and Diehl Aviation. With Eclipse Staggered, HAECO delivers a new, innovative premium economy seat that offers optimum comfort and the option for 2+3 seating on A320 aircraft – 25% more seats per row.

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  • Universal Oxygen Generator

    Our new Universal Oxygen Generator (UO₂G) offers you the possibility of easy and reliable use. Easy installation and cross-aircraft use make it indispensable for anyone who needs flexibility.

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  • Vacuum Insulation Panel

    Composite structures with integrated vacuum insulation are developed for aircraft cabin applications, offering high insulation properties at minimal thickness and leading to energy savings in maintaining thermal cabin comfort and operating cabin systems.

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  • Crew Rest Compartment

    Crew Rest for Single Aisle Aircraft

    For narrow body aircrafts in long range operation, there will be the need to have a Crew Rest Area on board. The Airlines will provide a possibility for the crew members to regenerate and have relaxing breaks on board.

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  • Cabin Lighting

    Diehl Aviation develops, manufactures, and markets integrated and optimized solutions for aircraft cabins. For you, we install LED lighting solutions, adaptable in color and intensity, to provide the appropriate light at any time. These illumination solutions are manufactured for long life with consistent high-quality light. Your passengers experience a pleasant ambience and feel well-rested after the flight while you save maintenance costs.

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  • Accent Lighting

    Impressive details characterize a superior solution

    Accent lighting is used to emphasize the visual appearance of main cabin lighting. It helps to create a comfortable ambience or structures the cabin.

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  • Cabin Projection System

    With Diehl Aviations brand-new cabin projection system, the in-cabin-experience-enhancer, an aircraft cabin can be enriched by the use of pictures or even moving images.

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  • Electromechanical Window Shades

    Enhancing the first-class experience

    The Electromechanical Window Shade combines style and functionality by simultaneously darkening up to three windows.

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  • Fast Available Stowage

    Easy. Fast. Efficient.

    In almost all passenger aircraft, well positioned stowage space is one of the greatest challenges of an intelligent cabin layout. This is why our customers demand not only perfectly integrated retrofit solutions, but also great flexibility and quick delivery.

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  • AirPax

    Diehl Aviation develops, manufactures, and markets integrated and optimized solutions for aircraft cabins. For you, we develop galley-lavatory combinations that create more space in the cabin so you can add more passenger seats. Additionally, lavatories for people with reduced mobility can be offered. You gain increased passenger satisfaction as well as new revenue opportunities.

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  • iCAS Partition

    Economic. Fast. Lightweight.

    The iCAS Partition combines two products into one solution - reducing weight and parts while adding 1" of cabin space.

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  • Stowalley

    As diverse as the destinations of a successful airline

    Stowage space that easily becomes a dry galley? No loose parts, no tools and no re-certification? With attractive weight and cost savings? Sounds like a dream, but here at Diehl Aviation we combine opposites.

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  • Panel Loudspeaker

    How the future sounds and looks in a modern cabin

    Diehl Aviation has developed an impressive alternative: Panel Loudspeakers. They offer a significantly higher quality than conventional membrane speakers, specifically when it comes to voice transmission.

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  • Smoke and Fire Detectors without false alarms

    Champion in speed and false alarm resistance

    Speed is essential in case of an emergency, but a quickly triggered false alarm is no remedy either. Hence, reliability and safety shall be united in the development of a dependable alarm system.

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  • 3D printed curtain header

    Comfort curtain header is a vision of the future

    The Comfort Curtain Header allows optimum separation of classes as a divider element and a attachment for the curtain rail. It is a lightweight design that can be adapted to any customer specifications. The advantages are clear: With the new method it is very easy to integrate company logos as a relief into the product design.

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  • Air Refrigeration Unit – ARU

    Award-winning refrigeration in the galley - always ready for use

    A lot has changed since the release of our last model. The ARU design has been completely reimagined and is now at the very cutting edge of galley cooling technology.

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  • GWDU - Galley Waste Disposal Unit

    Serves aircraft cabin aesthetics through successfully turning a waste disposal unit into an industrial design feature of modern aircraft galleys.

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  • Smart Lock Door

    Smart Lock Door allows flight attendants to operate their handheld crew devices while charging them, protecting them from theft at the same time, without taking up additional storage space in monuments, preferably galleys.

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