Electromechanical Window Shades

With the Electromechanical Window Shade (EMWS), up to three windows can be simultaneously darkened in a style-conscious manner using one and the same module. This creates the impression of a large, horizontal window. The darkening takes place via two separately controllable elements. A continuously variable and semi-transparent plissé creates a pleasant atmosphere without completely shading the window. For a more darkening effect, a second, completely opaque element moves in front of the window behind the plissé and darkens it. This can either be controlled at the window itself or via a central operating element. The high quality module with a real glass pane enhances the first-class area in the cabin in a special way - almost creating a living room-like ambience.



Making the premium/first class experience even more special:
  • Unique atmosphere due to an impression of a large, horizontal window.
  • Creating a living room-like ambience due to lighting of the cassette
Passenger comfort:
  • Convenient and easy control direct from the seat. IFE, light & window shade all in one user interface.
  • Easily adjustable for each phase of the comfortable journey, whether sleeping, working, relaxing or enjoying the window view.
Improved cabin operations:
  • Available as single or triple window shade unit.
  • Central control during the critical flight segments or operation via panel below the window.
  • Shading in two stages: pleated dims and completely dark.
  • Simultaneous shading of all the window, also by triple window shade unit.
  • Extra add-on features such as indirect lighting.
  • Real glass pane for a smooth surface