Touchless Lavatory Features

Touchless Lavatory Features

Highly developed sensors and finely responsive actuators offer hands-free procedures in highly frequented, sensitive areas, such as lavatories. All important functions like operating the waste flap, water faucet, hands-free door handles, toilet seat & lid and drying your hands that until now have been operated manually are activated without touching any surfaces. The installation of our new components is easy, does not require any big changes of the existing construction, and their operation is self-explanatory.


  • Maximum comfort and maximum hygiene through completely touchless operation
  • Reliable and robust
  • Low noise level and change
  • Intuitive operating concept to avoid unintended activation



Touchless Lavatory Features in Collaboration with Airbus

Diehl Aviation also markets its touchless lavatory features in collaboration with aircraft manufacturer Airbus. This collaboration focuses on distributing the touchless lavatory for retrofits and upgrades in the future. Airline customers can have their aircraft retrofitted with the complete lavatory and also with individual features. A special conversion kit enables quick installation in almost all lavatories on board of an Airbus aircraft.

Touchless Lavatory Features
  • Touchless Waste Flap
  • Touchless Lid
  • Touchless Faucet
  • Hands-Free Door Handles


Touchless Waste Flap

Short summary of functions
  • No modification of existing wash table or waste flap required
  • Same P/N for all compartible aircraft
  • High robustness components, designed for long life time and durability
  • Uses the standard Touchless Switch and Multi-Motor Control Unit


Touchless Lid

Short summary of functions
  • Limited modification of shroud, as installation beneath it (only small cut-out in shroud for actuator)
  • Proven & tested long-life lid with integrated sound dampening function
  • Robust motors for high durability and robustness, off-the-shelf for cost efficiency
  • Uses the standard Touchless Switch and Multi-Motor Control Unit


Touchless Faucet

Short summary of functions
  • Fits existing A320 interfaces, adapter plates available for other programmes
  • Water dispensing time and temperature regulation by MRO during installation / service possible
  • No control unit required, fully integrated unit (only requires existing water & new power line)


Hands-Free Door Handles

Short summary of functions
  • Fits all existing lavatory doors on all Airbus & most Boeing programs
  • No need to remove the door, all exchanges can be done directly on aircraft
  • Very short modification times, no need to exchange door locks or similar