ECO 16G Partition

Due to the new manufacturing technology with the optimized milled aluminum inlay the eco 16g partition saves 10-15% in comparison to a state- of-the-art partition for this position. This is approx. 8kg, assuming a baseline configuration.


Due to this weight saving we can estimate a fuel saving of 1,1tons per aircraft per year. This fuel saving can be converted into a saving of 3,3 tons CO2 emission per aircraft per year.**

** estimated for a current generation single aisle aircraft e.g. A321, operating on medium range missions, e.g. Paris-Istanbul, with an average operating hours of 3600 per year

Balance and Responsibility

The functionality of the new ECO 16G partition stays the same, but its weight has been reduced by another 10% to 15% and its installation and integration in Airbus A320 aircraft improved. Through its monolithic design and rolled aluminium inlay, the partition´s ability to withstand loads has also been improved once again. The partition can be installed in all known positions in the cabin and offers great flexibility in the configuration of optional items. Diehl Aviation‘s goal is to always offer its customers the best performance and sustainability in all products and services.


  • Reduced weight
  • Increased stability
  • Easier handling
  • Very fast manufacturing
  • Can be installed in all known positions in the cabin
  • High flexibility in configuring optional items