16G Partition

Balance and Responsiblity

The functionality of the new 16G partition stays the same, but its weight has been reduced by another 10 to 15% and its installation and integration in Airbus A320 aircraft improved. Through its monolithic design and rolled aluminum inlay, the partitionĀ“s ability to withstand loads has also been improved once again. Quick and easy replacement of the integrated double doors is guaranteed by a construction that incorporates highly precise grooves. The partition can be installed in all known positions in the cabin and offers great flexibility in configuring optional items. It is Diehl AviationĀ“s goal, with all products and services, to always provide its customers best performance and sustainablity.

The Corporate Governance Codex and compliance guidelines have already shown their positive, sustainable impact on all business processes. That is why Diehl Aviation is convinced that economy, environmental concerns, and a society in harmony not only belong together but, in their interdependence, form the foundation for a cultivated and desirable future.


  • Reduced weight
  • Increased stability
  • Easier handling
  • Very fast manufacturing
  • Can be installed in all known positions in the cabin
  • High flexibility in configuring optional items