Galley & lavatory in combination

AirPax is composed of one galley and two lavatories, forming a single complex that optimally reorganizes and enhances space and functionality. It is installed in the area behind the last aircraft door, utilizing the dome-shaped space in front of the pressure bulkhead. As catering has been reduced on most short haul flights, large galleys are no longer necessary and AirPax uses that room. The galley part is fully modular and can accomodate ovens in its upper section, water heaters and standard units in a wide variety of configurations. The lavatories can be joined to create a single, larger unit, are accessible by wheelchair and have a multitude of handholds for best usability.



  • > 60 kg less weight than competitor and standard solutions
  • Up to 12 more seats
  • DirectView with camera system
  • Attractive total costs
  • Robust and durable
  • PRM functionality