Crew Rest Module

Crew Rest Compartment for Single Aisle Aircraft

For narrow body aircrafts in long range operation, the there is a need for the crew members to regenerate, rest and stretch out.

The idea is to use the space between the first passenger seat row and the door area for a stowage module with integrated foldable elements. These elements fold down on top of the cabin attendant seats (CAS), using them as static substructure to build up two full bunk or twin beds. For boarding, deboarding and evacuation, the beds can be easily folded up and pushed back into the stowage module in seconds.

This module, which is also retrofittable, will enable the airlines to fulfil the requirement providing a crew rest possibility. Additionally, the payload surface in the cabin is only minimal claimed in comparison to a full seat row for the crew. The module can also be used as medical compartment, or could be optionally booked by passengers.


> No blocked passenger seats for a class 3 crew rest facility

> Small footprint Crew Rest Compartment for optimized layout possibilities

> Retrofit solution possible

> Minimal impact on payload

> Class 2 rest facility with improved comfort