3D printed curtain header

Comfort curtain header is a vision of the future

The Comfort Curtain Header allows optimum separation of classes as a divider element and a attachment for the curtain rail. It is a lightweight design that can be adapted to any customer specifications. At the same time, the Comfort Curtain Header is relatively complex. Diehl Aviation now focuses on 3D printing and toolless technology. The advantages are clear: With the new method it is very easy to integrate company logos as a relief into the product design. The Comfort Curtain Header is a true pioneer for additive series production in the cabin. Production and design of additional cabin components will follow this example, because the 3D printing process delivers impressive results from multiple aspects: a high level of flexibility in design, integration of new functions, drastically reduced development and lead times, as well as the option of combining multiple components in one module to lower costs. The 3D print process is particularly profitable if components are produced with great variances, because classic production has high tooling costs if very few interchangeable parts are available. Diehl Aviation is today already the reliable partner for the construction, production, or certification of additively produced components for the airplane cabin.



  • Significantly shorter delivery times
  • Higher operative efficiency in the provision of replacement parts
  • New options for customer specific designs
  • Cost reduction through toolless production
  • Option of additive layer production for complex series parts