Accent Lighting

Impressive details characterize a superior solution

Accent lighting is used to emphasize the visual appearance of main cabin lighting. It helps to create a comfortable ambience or structures the cabin. Accent lighting can also reinforce the branding of an airline and create a personal touch to ensure a valuable recognition effect. Lighting design faces new challenges in consideration of the trend toward more carry-on luggage and the associated larger overhead bins: excellent used application lighting - whether it be lighted contours, spotlights, edge lighting, or surface highlights - breaks up the cabin and gives passengers a visually appealing sense of space. FlexLights are thin and can be connected directly into corresponding available installation gaps. Important: in terms of quality they are in no way inferior to main cabin lighting solutions - color fidelity, color synchronicity, and control are all from the same source. And that’s quality down to the last detail: the integration of light applications is the focus of a cabin’s aesthetic appearance.



  • FlexLights – flexible light strips for installation in monuments and the cabin
  • Flat full color surface lighting – fully integrated surface lighting
  • Maximum stability in terms of color fidelity, light output, and aging behavior
  • Optimized cost of ownership
  • Maximum color range: the ideal supplement for main lighting