Potable Water & Waste System


When designing a new generation aircraft, efficiency, sustainability and safety are key factors to be focused on. In particular, this means to have the optimal designed components to be seamlessly integrated into a reliable and innovative system, in a sustainable way. Diehl Aviation is your partner of choice when fathering a Water and Waste System for your future aircraft, even under the most challenging requirements.


Comprehensive Service: We provide an all-in-one solution, handling everything from conception to customer support. Our deep understanding of the system allows us to anticipate challenges and design products that integrate seamlessly with the aircraft. Qualification and verification in our true-to-original test facility across the complete performance spectrum.

Innovative Conception and Design Excellence: Our conception and design processes are driven by innovation and meticulous attention to detail. We push the boundaries of what’s possible, resulting in groundbreaking, robust, durable and user-friendly products.

Thorough Qualification and Verification: Our products undergo rigorous testing in our true-to-original test facility. This ensures the optimal performance across the complete performance spectrum.

Resource and Energy Efficiency: We prioritize sustainability. Our products are designed to be resource and energy-efficient, contributing to a more sustainable aviation.

Optimized for Weight and Durability: Our products are not only durable but also optimized for weight. This ensures optimal performance and reduced environmental impact throughout the aircraft’s life cycle.