ECO Powder Coating

With a 30% smaller surface weight of powder coating compared to décor foil, approx. 3,8kg (8,4lbs) can be saved for sidewall panels per single aisle shipset.

Due to the weight saving we can estimate a fuel saving of 500kg per aircraft per year. This fuel saving can be converted into a saving of 1,6 tons CO2 emisson per aicraft per year.**

** estimated for a current generation single aisle aircraft e.g. A321, operating on medium range missions, e.g. Paris-Istanbul, with an average operating hours of 3600 per year

Comparing a sidewall with decor foil and a sidewall with powder coating, 80% waste can be saved due to the more efficient processes possible with powder coating. According to the example calculation: When applying sidewalls with decor foils, a considerable part of the decor foil sheet is waste. For one shipset of sidewall panels this generates approx. 10kg (22 lbs) waste in production. With the more efficient powder coating process an overspray of approx. 20% can be achieved. This will only generate approx. 2kg (4lbs) of waste in production.

Visual open spaces

ECO Powder Coating offers an eco-efficient, lightweight decor solution. The unicolored application of powder coat provides highly durable cabin surfaces and enables the realization of future digital printing options. A neutral cabin is the perfect match for multiple light scenarios and fast changes of brand settings for an airline or leasing company.



  • High surface quality
  • Weight reduction compared to current décor solutions
  • Robust surface finish
  • Eco efficiency
  • Optimal basis for digital cabin branding