ECO Thermoplastic Ducting

Compared to the state-of-the-art thermo-set technology for air ducts the thermoplastic set up is approximately 10% lighter. This adds up to a weight saving of 2,5kg per single aisle aircraft.

Due to the weight saving we can estimate a fuel saving of 0,3 tons per aircraft per year.
This fuel saving can be converted into a saving of 1 ton CO2 emission per aircraft per year.*

* Estimated for a current generation single aisle aircraft e.g. A321, operating on medium range missions, e.g. Paris-Istanbul, with average operating hours of 3600 per year.

The innovative air ducts produced from thermoplastic material are easily recyclable as they are designed as nearly mono-material parts. The material itself can be chopped and then reused. First reuse application within the Diehl Product portfolio is currently under development.


New level of efficiency and weight reduction 

As the market leader in air distribution in aircraft cabins we are constantly expanding our technology portfolio. The combination of innovative materials and a special joining method developed by Diehl Aviation guarantees a new level of efficiency and weight reduction. Air Ducts made of thermoplastic glass fiber reinforced sheet offer many benefits in lightweight design, manufacturing and sustainability.

The technologies not only make faster customization processes, lower cost, and weight reduction possible it is above all, ecologically efficient.



  • Weight reduction
  • Reduced fuel consumption due to lower weight
  • Very fast manufacturing
  • Lower manufacturing cost
  • Improved recycling through the use of thermoplastic material