Cabin Lighting

Inspired by the sun - Interpreted for the senses

The “color rendering index” (CRI) of Diehl Aviation cabin illumination is very close to that of sunlight. Light quality is also reflected in the durability of a solution like integrated aging compensation. This keeps total costs as low as possible while easily allowing for a replacement anytime it is necessary. Specially coordinated algorithms ensure that every possible hue can be realized simply with software controls. The importance of “human-centric lighting” continues to grow and it affects the chronobiological rhythm of humans. In an aircraft cabin this can be used to increase the well-being of passengers, reduce the fear of flying and reduce jetlag.


  • Complete color range, high luminosity
  • Excellent light quality
  • Long-term research partnerships with leading LED manufacturers
  • Human centric lighting
  • Minimal installation space of less than 1 x 1 inch can be realized
  • Robust design for easy handling and safe installation as well as an optimized maintenance concept
  • Maximum color fidelity and consistent luminosity for years
  • From the OEM industry leader: retrofit solutions are available