Cabin Projection System

The In-Cabin-Experience-Enhancer

With Diehl Aviations brand-new cabin projection system, the in-cabin-experience-enhancer, an aircraft cabin can be enriched by the use of pictures or even moving images. Given such technical potential within a cabin, airlines or business jet owners have access to a broad range of design possibilities. There are no limits of creativity whether it comes to passenger well being, support of boarding processes, corporate identity or exploration of new commercial revenue streams.  In combination, the harmonization of cabin illumination and cabin projection creates an outstanding appearance within a cabin.




  • Creation of ambiance within a cabin and different zones like entrance area 
  • Easy adaption to needs of operator 
  • Enabling value added features like seat row numbering, passenger guidance, or indication of free luggage space  
  • Prompting of flight information, advertisement or announcements 
  • Sophisticated cabin customization: from “painting by light” to projecting patterns and pictures to lining components