Panel Loudspeaker

How the future sounds and looks in a modern cabin

Diehl Aviation has developed an impressive alternative: Panel Loudspeakers. They offer a significantly higher quality than conventional membrane speakers, specifically when it comes to voice transmission. They are designed with a decisive advantage: the exciter technology of the new Panel Loudspeakers uses the surface of the selected components to disperse sound in order to impress across the entire bandwidth. The exciter transforms soundwaves and transmits the vibrations to the full surface of a lightweight board, so that the sound is created across the full surface of that board and develops its effect directly on the cabin element.


At a glance


  • Installation without cutouts on cabin elements
  • Weight reduction
  • Flexible integration due to smaller installation space



  • Invisible loudspeaker for high-quality cabin design
  • Improved voice quality for increased safety in critical situations