Smoke and Fire Detectors without false alarms

Reliable signals, ultrafast sensors

Speed is essential in case of an emergency, but a quickly triggered false alarm is no help to anybody. Reliability and safety go hand-in-hand in the development of a dependable alarm system. Diehl Aviation Smoke and Fire Detectors set standards in the industry, and not only because of their highly precise sensors: the sleek casing is CFD-optimized and the extremely short response times are a result of the highly sophisticated design. The devices recognize all types of fires. Dust, cosmetic sprays, insecticides or mist do not trigger false alarms.

At a glance

  • CFD-optimized casing prevents
  • Heated casing prevent condensation
  • Customer specific color and installation design
  • 3-channel smoke detection
  • Ultrafast temperature sensor
At a glance

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