Smoke and Fire Detectors without false alarms


Speed is essential in case of an emergency, but a quickly triggered false alarm is no remedy either. Hence, reliability and safety shall be united in the development of a dependable alarm system. The Diehl Aviation Smoke and Fire Detectors set standards in the industry and not only because of their highly precise sensors: the compact casing is CFD-optimized and the extremely quick response time are a result of the highly sophisticated ray-tracing optimized design goal. The detector recognizes all types of fires even when facing dust, cosmetic sprays, insecticides or mist, triggered false alarms are still prevented.


  • Worldwide technology leader in false alarm prevention with proven resistance against dust, cosmetic sprays, insecticides, water mist and fog
  • Heated detection chamber to avoid condensation
  • Highest smoke detection speed in market
  • Variable cup color according to customer needs – one part number for all designated areas of an aircraft