Mechanical Lift System

Lift it easy

It is Diehl Aviation´s goal to provide passengers and crew the best possible experience during air travel. We are convinced that better passenger flights can only be offered in the future through continuous development in all areas of aircraft technology and cabin intergration. One key area of expertise at Diehl Aviation is overhead bin technology and a particular feature in it is the Mechanical Lift System (MLS). This fully designed and developed force transmission unit functions
completely without electronics. It reduces the force necessary to shut a fully loaded overhead bin by up to 30% without restricting the total available luggage space. The MLS helps flight attendants close the overhead bins quickly and thereby speeds up the boarding process.



  • Reduces the force necessary to close luggage bins by up to 30%
  • Speeds up the boarding process
  • Quick and easy retrofit in A350-class aircraft
  • Does not restrict total luggage space
  • Does not restrict loading capacity
  • Extremely reliable
  • Safety feature prevents jamming hand or fingers
  • Completely certified