ECO Bracket

50 % weight reduction through the use of lightweight materials and design optimization.

An aircraft‘s lifecycle carbon footprint is reduced by 17.5 tons due to the weight reduction of the ECO Bracket.

Trim waste is reused. The technology also facilitates the recycling of used components at the end of their product life.


Aerospace interior production chains generate significant amounts of waste, underscoring the need to find ways to reuse materials for both economic and environmental reasons. Diehl Aviation and 9T Labs have developed a groundbreaking ultra-lightweight ECO Bracket made from recycled thermoplastic production scrap. Through an advanced manufacturing process, the ECO Bracket is intricately designed for optimal load distribution, seamlessly combining outstanding mechanical performance with cost-effectiveness. Applied to overhead bin brackets, this innovative upcycling process replaces aluminum, reducing waste, achieving significant weight reduction, and promoting environmental sustainability.



  • The ECO Bracket can save 1.6 kg per aircraft with just overhead bin brackets. Other brackets are planned for even greater lightweighting.
  • Cost reduction through automated manufacturing & repurposed material
  • Design freedom based on an additive manufacturing approach
  • 96 % reduction in part manufacturing emissions in comparison to aluminum machining
  • The ECO Bracket enables through weight saving a reduction of 17,5 t CO2eq emissions per aircraft over lifetime
  • Operational cost reduction through lower fuel burn