Vacuum Insulation Panel

Cabin Lining with Integrated Vacuum Insulation

The new composite structures with integrated vacuum insulation are developed for applications in the aircraft cabin. These compounds possess extremely high insulation properties at minimal thickness, thus being an efficient solution, which can lead to a reduction in energy consumption of both the entire aircraft cabin in case of its use in interiors, and individual systems, such as galleys, air ducting or others.

With the intention of space increase and simultaneously improvement of thermal and acoustic situation in the aircraft cabin, the search for better insulation materials led to Vacuum Insulation Panels. These panels are ultra-thin insulants that can be up to 5-10 times more effective than traditional insulation materials (glass wool blanket). Such materials are used in building construction, refrigeration units, insulated shipping containers and other applications requiring low energy loss from heat transfer.



  • Possesses high thermal insulation properties
  • Enables space savings
  • Increases cabin comfort
  • Leads to a reduction in energy consumption
  • Possesses a structure, which protects vacuum inside the interior
  • Doesn't accumulate water inside the insulation package