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Research and Development

Diehl Aviation – Innovation is in our DNA

Hardly any industry has been associated with "innovation" in the way aviation has been since its start. In this day and age of industrial digitization, aviation companies more than ever thrive on their innovations and the dynamics of developing and launching new products and services.  

Local dynamics – regional strength – global success

For Diehl Aviation, these dynamics are spread across several sites, but the effect is also reflected in the collaboration and synergy effects throughout the entire division. The structure – strong sites, strong group – accounts for a large part of our special efficiency. 

Crossing divisions: Wealth of ideas and creative power

Innovation is in our DNA. This applies to innovation in flight control, to the use of light, water and air supply as well as to novel design models throughout the entire interior cabin design.

With our innovative solutions , we have been able t o set international standards for aviation systems and cabins in the aviation industry.

Innovation as competitive factor
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