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Metal Forming Parts

Diehl Metall manufactures sophisticated metal forming parts of highest precision and quality for various applications.

Forming competence at the highest level

Diehl Metall manufactures sophisticated metal forming parts of highest precision and quality for various applications.

In doing so, we combine our many years of technological experience with great metal expertise. Our material portfolio ranges from brass, copper, aluminium and steel to copper and aluminium compound parts. Already in the product development phase, we stand by our customers as partners, togehther finding the optimum material and the ideal manufacturing process for the individual requirements and applications.

From copper forming parts such as pin fin heat sinks to die-forgings for fittings or ultra-modern smart meters – our formed parts are versatile and are used in a wide variety of applications:

  •     Automotive industry
  •     House and building services (water supply, water treatment, measurement, heating technology)
  •     Sanitary industry (lead-free, safe drinking water application, hygiene)
  •     Mechanical engineering (high-strength components, wear-resistant)
  •     Electrical engineering (copper, brass and aluminium, wide range of materials for electronic applications)
  •     Medical & laboratory technology (high-strength, safety-relevant aluminium components)
  • Axial Bearings

    Axial Bearings Axial Bearings

    Axial bearings made of brass for turbo chargers in fuel-efficient engines in terms of modern downsizing concepts

  • Synchronizer Rings

    Synchronizer Rings Synchronizer Rings

    Synchronizer rings made of brass and steel with innovative friction layers for modern high-performance gearboxes

  • Pin Fin

    Pin Fin Pin Fin

    Pin Fin heat sinks made of copper, aluminium or bimetal (copper-aluminium compound) for an optimum thermal management of power electronics in electric drives

  • Housings for ultrasonic water meters

    Housings for ultrasonic water meters Housings for ultrasonic water meters

    Lead-free brass housings made of our CUPHIN material for intelligent ultrasonic water meters in the field of smart living

  • Housings for measuring capsule meters

    Housings for measuring capsule meters Housings for measuring capsule meters

    Brass housings made of our lead-free material CUPHIN for digital measuring capsule meters to precisely recording the water consumption

  • Concealed Fittings

    Concealed Fittings Concealed Fittings

    Complex concealed fittings made of lead-free materials for safe drinking water installations in domestic and building services

  • Copper Connect End Rings

    Copper Connect End Rings Copper Connect End Rings

    Forged copper-connect end rings for an energy-efficient operation of powerful three-phase asynchronous motors and generators in industrial applications

  • Currents carrying components

    Currents carrying components Currents carrying components

    Current carrying copper and aluminium components in system components for high-voltage batteries in the field of alternative drives

  • Industrial Applications

    Industrial Applications Industrial Applications

    Star impellers of high-strength brass alloys for pump technology in industrial applications

TECHNOLOGY Brass Steel Copper Aluminium
Impact Extrusion        
Sheet Metal Forming        
Precision Machining        

We can manufacture our metal forming parts from a wide range of materials according to customers' needs. The use of various semi-finished products such as rod, strip or slugs as starting material is conceivable here. We are available in advising our customers on the optimum choice of material. The following is an overview of some of the advantages of the different materials:

  • Brass

    Brass alloys are characterized by excellent mechanical and corrosion properties. In addition, they are wear-resistant and are ideally suited for use in the drinking water sector. We manufacture formed parts made of brass in an integrated production process that begins with our own prematerial production and extends to the finished machined product. This enables us to guarantee the best possible quality of our products in all production stages.

  • Copper

    Copper offers an excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, which is why it is used particularly frequently in current and heat-carrying applications. Due to the high degree of forming that can be achieved in combination with rather low forming forces, this material allows a wide range of geometric design options.

  • Aluminium

    A major advantage of aluminium alloys is their low specific density. This is why aluminium is often used when lightweight construction concepts are to be realised. In addition, the material has a comparatively high corrosion resistance, which in some applications makes it possible to dispense with component coatings.

  • Steel

    The material steel is particularly suitable for synchronizer rings used in high-performance gearboxes. The prematerial is strip material made of micro-alloyed high-strength steel alloys as well as unalloyed heat-treatable steels. Due to the specially developed nitriding processes, the finished components have hard, wear-resistant edges and at the same time high ductility in the core. This enables a significantly increased operational strength and functionality in the gearbox.

In the manufacture of our high-quality metal forming parts, we rely on technically optimized production processes from the areas of cold and hot forming. We have a versatile range of machinery and equipment and rely on the highest precision in terms of shape, position and dimensional accuracy as well as optimum surface quality. This enables us to form products (near) netshape, which contributes to a lower material input and, depending on the component, downstream processing of the formed parts may be unnecessary.

  • Hot Forming
    Hot Forming Hot Forming

    In the area of hot forming, metal forming parts are produced according to customer-specific quality characteristics on fully automated forging lines such as spindle and eccentric presses in the range of 100 t to 1,100 t press force. The part weights produced by us range from a few grams to 35 kg. Depending on the component and requirements, die-forgings can also be heat and surface treated.

    In addition to the series production of conventional die-forgings, we are also specialized in complicated tasks such as the production of hollow pressings (forgings with multidirectional press-fitting). This process is often used, for example, in the manufacture of water meter housings.

  • Cold forming
    Cold forming Cold forming

    In the field of cold forming we are able to produce complex metal forming parts by processes of sheet metal and solid forming as well as their combination. Thereby different materials can be processed as strip material or piece goods. Our production facilities enable the realization of sophisticated multi-stage forming processes in progressive and transfer tools.

    A special focus in the production of cold formed parts, for example by stamping, bending, upsetting and impact extruding, is on achieving (near) netshape-products to reduce downstream processing. On our production lines we can form components with press forces of up to 8,000 kN.

  • Precision Machining
    Precision Machining Precision Machining

    We have a diverse range of machinery, including CNC machining centers with integrated measuring technology and inline quality control. 

    Besides raw forged parts, we also offer machining services for our products. In particular, we are able to machine special alloys, such as lead-free or low-lead materials, with high precision.

  • Co-Engineering
    Co-Engineering Co-Engineering

    Right from the design phase, we work together with our customers to develop specific solutions for achieving functionality, forgeability and quality at market-oriented production costs.

    By means of an in-house Research & Development Center, complete with laboratory, we are able to provide our customers with full support as early as the product design phase and during the production process. This includes material selection suited to the application as well as optimized forging design.

    With our test facility for tribological systems we offer comprehensive analyses for material and component testing. The test rigs enable investigations from basic model tests, such as material-oil screening for initial evaluation, to product-specific component tests, taking into account close-to-production dynamic load profiles to evaluate performance and service life.

  • Design & Tool Manufacture
    Design & Tool Manufacture Design & Tool Manufacture

    The close cooperation between design and toolmaking allows us to carry out all required steps from CAD design to the finished tool inhouse in an integrated tool development process. In this way, we can produce new tools or make changes to existing ones at short notice. This leads to clear advantages for the customer:

    • Changes to tools at short notice
    • Off-tool parts as early as the prototype phase
    • Increase in flexibility
    • Optimization of tool life
  • Laboratory & Material Inspection
    Laboratory & Material Inspection Laboratory & Material Inspection

    The function and service life of the forged parts are dependent on the material, the geometrical design and the optimum interplay of the individual part components. To attain the best possible solution for the particular requirements, we offer a broad spectrum of testing procedures:

    • Hardness testing
    • Metallography
    • Micro hardness testing
    • Quantitative microstructure analysis
    • Tensile testing
    • Chemical Analysis
    • Scanning electron microscope
    • EDX micro analysis

    Furthermore, we carry out special analyses as part of development projects and advises customers on all issues relating to materials.

  • Quality Management
    Quality Management Quality Management

    We have a certified quality management system according to international quality standards. Quality management is an integrated part of the process chain for safeguarding all aspects of quality assurance in the interests of our customers. The focus is on the continuous optimization of our business and production processes.

    • Quality: IATF 16949 and ISO 9001
    • Environment: ISO 14001
    • Energy: ISO 50001