Cell Contact Systems

Diehl Advanced Mobility develops and produces high-performance cell contact systems for the drive of modern fuel cell, hybrid and electric vehicles.

Cell Contact Systems Cell Contact Systems

Advanced cell contact systems for battery systems

Diehl Advanced Mobility develops and produces high-performance cell contact systems for the drive of modern fuel cell, hybrid and electric vehicles. Cell contact systems are used in battery storage systems and ensure in particular the contacting of the individual battery cells and the electrification of the powertrain.

Our portfolio comprises various concepts that can be individually adapted to the respective customer requirements:

  • Classic wiring harness solutions
  • Innovative wire-laying technology

As an experienced and important partner of the automotive industry, we have been successfully manufacturing our cell contact systems in series for many years. Thanks to our many years of profound knowledge of the industry as well as our outstanding technological, integration and industrialization expertise, we are the ideal partner for market-oriented projects in automotive series production, which we implement on state-of-the-art production facilities.

  • In the manufacture of our cell contact systems, we rely on modular production concepts while combining a high degree of vertical integration within our own company. We transfer individual customer and project requirements into an economical series production.

    Our highly automated production solutions are flexibly scalable. This enables us to cover various quantity scenarios and capacity expansions very easily and react dynamically to fluctuations in the number of units.

    Advantages of our innovative wire-laying technology

    • Simple, cost-effective and robust technology
    • Modular and scalable product concept
    • High flexibility for different cell modules/types
    • Applicable in the automotive or energy storage sector
    • Fast adaptation of signal connections and other parameters
    • High degree of automation
    • Pilot plant for prototype construction available
    • Series plant with high quality and quantity in construction
  • For more than 10 years we have been a strong and experienced partner in the development, validation and optimization of cell contact systems. The development is extended by an upstream concept development to achieve the best possible result. The problems and development tasks entrusted to us are solved by our experts in close cooperation with our customers, whereby we constantly consider industrialization for series production.

    Our development department covers a wide range of competences and thus guarantees efficient access to the required internal expertise. We have the following department-specific know-how at our disposal:

    • Development of product concept
    • Method and process development
    • Design, construction, layout and simulation in the electrical, electronic and mechanical field
    • Validation in our own laboratory and with our own test equipment
    • Own sample construction for production of samples up to small series
    • Construction with all necessary tools and processes
  • Laboratory & Material Testing
    Laboratory & Material Testing Laboratory & Material Testing

    For our cell contact systems, we offer a versatile range of approved testing and inspection procedures to ensure the best possible protection and functionality of our products:

    • Mechanical tests (vibration/pulse)
    • Electrical tests (current carrying capacity, short circuit resistances)
    • Climatic tests (long-term ageing, humidity-heat, temperature shock)
    • Use of own equipment for analysis
  • Construction & Toolmaking
    Construction & Toolmaking Construction & Toolmaking

    Due to our own tool construction, all adjustments of the tools to individual conditions and requirements can be carried out quickly and safely:

    • Tool procurement and tool validation
    • Tool Calculation
    • Design, construction, optimization and overhaul of series tools, sample tools and devices
    • Tool maintenance with tool repair, tool maintenance and spare parts production
  • Quality Management
    Quality Management Quality Management

    We ensure the quality of our products throughout the entire development and production process. We analyse KPI's for continuously improving processes and have all the metrological prerequisites to offer an excellent product.

    In order to ensure the quality standards, we are certified according to the following management systems:

    • Quality: IATF 16949 and ISO 9001
    • Environment: ISO 14001
    • Energy: ISO 50001