Stamping Technologies

Thanks to state-of-the-art stamping machines as well as in-house tool manufacture and design, Diehl Metal Applications provides precision stamping technology for sophisticated precision stamped parts in large volumes.

Stamping Technologies Stamping Technologies

The functional reliability and production quality of the end product play a decisive role in stamping technologies. Here, the way is paved for all additional working steps. That is why our stamping technology relies on uncompromising precision by means of highly developed production processes with optical, electronic and acoustic monitoring. Thanks to state-of-the-art stamping machines as well as in-house tool manufacture and design, Diehl Metal Applications provides precision stamping technology for sophisticated precision stamped parts in large volumes.

  • Precision stamped parts
    Precision stamped parts Precision stamped parts

    Diehl Metal Applications produces more than 7 billion precision stamped parts every year. Depending on customer requirements, we supply precision stamped parts on coils, free-falling or taped – according to deadline and just in time. The production spectrum also encompasses stamped parts, insulation-displacement contacts and contact parts with press-fit zones.

    • Large-sized stamping grids
    • Power semi-conductor leadframes
    • Solder contacts
    • Taped contact pins made of drawn square wire
    • Square wire pins on carrier (pitch: 1.27mm or 2.54mm)
    • Precision stamped parts with surface finishing
    • Press-fit zone contact parts
    • Precision stamped parts with press-fit zones
    • Signal and power pins with press-fit zones
    • Insulation-displacement contacts
    • Bondable stamped parts
    • Metal-plastic compound systems
  • Contact pins
    Contact pins Contact pins

    The product portfolio of Diehl Metal Applications also encompasses contact pins on a carrier strip made of square wire. We produce these with an edge length of 0.6 mm using different alloys with full and selective surface plating. 

    Compared to stamped pins, contact pins also have economic advantages: 

    On the one hand, tool costs are only low or non-existent; on the other hand, the scrap rate is minimal.

  • Production
    Production Production

    State-of-the-art stamping machines from leading manufacturers as well as tools with special safety systems guarantee high quality and delivery reliability. Our high-performance machinery encompasses over 70 stamping units. These are used to stamp, coin and bend strip and semi-finished products.

    • Pressing forces: 18 - 250t
    • Strokes per minute: 100 – 1,400 
    • Material strengths: 0.06 – 4.00 mm
    • Material widths: up to approx. 200 mm
    • Materials: Copper and alloys thereof, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, special alloys 

    Furthermore, all precision stamped parts can be provided with various electroplated surfaces (partially or completely) on in-house machines. 

  • Tool & Stamping Center
    Tool & Stamping Center Tool & Stamping Center

    The Tool & Stamping Center is equipped with a wealth of high-tech machines and profits from its longstanding experience in the manufacture of sophisticated tool concepts. Small quantities for pre-series production, prototypes and serial production involving large volumes can thus all be produced in an economic way.

  • Prototypes
    Prototypes Prototypes

    Diehl Metal Applications produces customer-specific prototypes to provide advice with respect to serial production. The prototypes correspond to the later series parts and are produced in-house and at near-series quality. All relevant production steps and the technologies used are effectively aligned with each other in such a way that the individual customer requirements can be fulfilled.

    The testing laboratory uses real time characteristic values to test and analyze the prototype, so that it can be optimized based on the results.

  • Tool manufacture
    Tool manufacture Tool manufacture

    Our inhouse Tool Center allows us to carry out all process steps at our company – from CAD design to the finished tool. In this way, we can ensure the supply of required tools to our internal production processes at short notice and at the highest quality – either by producing new tools or making changes to existing ones. These tools include: 

    • Sinking & wire erosion machines  
    • CNC milling and drilling centers 
    • High-speed milling centers 
    • Grinding machines, surface & profile grinding machines
    • Coordinate grinding machines
    • 3D tool measuring equipment
  • Research & Development
    Research & Development Research & Development

    In stamping technology, precision, production reliability and production speed can only be achieved with optimum interplay between Product Development and Tool Manufacture. Short development times and high investment activity help to ensure that our customers and partners receive functional models (prototypes) and small batches within a short space of time.

  • Quality
    Quality Quality

    To ensure quality control, not only do the Machine Operators carry out self-checks but modern video monitoring systems are also employed to ensure 100% process inspection for surfaces, contours and dimensions. Strip cleaning units may be integrated prior to the video inspection. In this way, de-oiled and cleaned stamped strip can be produced inline in the stamping process at delivery quality.

  • Integrated value chain
    Integrated value chain Integrated value chain

    Diehl Metal Applications develops and produces complete or partial solutions along the value-adding chain, based on customer requirements: 

    • Support in selecting intelligent material combinations 
    • Highly integrated production processes in copper alloy production
    • State-of-the-art stamping & surface technologies
    • Overmolding & assembly technology

    Our customers and partners are free to decide at any time whether they want a partial solution where they provide the material, or if they wish to hand over the entire process to us. 

Sophisticated high-precision stamped parts from Diehl Metal Applications are the innovation driver for growing markets and are used in a wide range of industries.

Markets Markets
Tabs and pins with solder connection for control units 
Markets Markets
Tabs and pins with Schempp+Decker press-fit zones for control units and sensor housings
Markets Markets
Overmolded stamping grids for transmission control
Markets Markets
Stamping grids for power modules in the area of alternative drives
Markets Markets
Stamped foils for LED technologies

In the automotive industry, our precision stamped parts are used in many electrical and electromechanical applications, for example as overmolded stamping grids for transmission controls and lamp sockets, or as tabs and pins with a solder connection in control units and sensor housings. And we even produce innovative precision stamped parts for the future industry of alternative drives. Such parts include stamping grids for power modules.

DMA is also a forward-thinking, competent partner to the electrical and electronics industry. For example, we offer stamped foils as a carrier strip for LED solutions. These contribute to achieving cost-efficient and low energy consumption.

In the telecommunications industry, precision stamped parts ensure secure and rapid data and information transfer. Our high-performance precision stamped parts can be found in millions of cell phones from leading manufacturers.