Overmolding & Assembling

Diehl Metal Applications (DMA) is specialized in the manufacture of innovative composite products made of metal and plastics. They ensure simplified functional integration, production advantages and weight savings.

Overmolding & Assembling Overmolding & Assembling

Diehl Metal Applications (DMA) is specialized in the manufacture of innovative composite products made of metal and plastics. These primarily find application in the automotive and electrical engineering industries.

Metal-plastic compound systems from DMA are used to connect electronic systems in parking sensors, ABS, ESP and transmission control technology, in the central electric system, in lighting and connector modules as well as for sensors. They ensure simplified functional integration, production advantages and weight savings.

Metal-plastic compound systems from Diehl Metal Applications are primarily used in the automotive, electronics and electrical engineering industries.

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Metal-plastic compounds optimally combine the advantages of both materials, namely the low weight and electrical insulating capacity of plastics with the electrical conductivity and strength of non-ferrous metals.

Furthermore, the use of plastics is growing in importance. The benefits lie in their low weight as well as in considerable design flexibility and integration capacity.

  • Plastics technology at Diehl Metal Applications reflects the state of the art. Customer-specific products are manufactured on the basis of a production concept developed by DMA in which all necessary working steps are integrated: 

    • Insert molding
    • Fully-automated overmolding as reel-to-reel goods or individual parts
    • In-process inspections
    • Parts packaging

    Even the bending and stamping of filigree stamping grids can be incorporated upstream and downstream of the injection molding process.  

Diehl Metal Applications produces metal-plastic compound systems on the basis of individually developed manufacturing concepts which fulfil specific requirements with utmost reliability, efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Product development
    Product development Product development

    Right from the product development phase, our team of experienced Product Developers and Tool Designers ensures an optimum product design in terms of technology, quality, costs and ecological production. We produce customer-specific prototypes to provide advice with respect to serial production. In the testing laboratory, the prototype can be tested and analyzed in real time, so that it can be optimized based on the results. We can draw on the following technical resources for ensuring competent development services:

    • CAD programs: SolidWorks and CATIA V5
    • FEM analyses
    • Moldflow®
    • 3D printing
  • Production
    Production Production

    Each year, we process more than 1,000 tons of plastics. These include unfilled, filled as well as highly filled technical and high-temperature-resistant plastics – such as PA, PBT, PPS, PEI, LCP or PEEK. More than 60 horizontal and vertical injection molding machines with clamping forces of between 150 and 4,000 kN are used.

    Diehl Metal Applications continuously develops customized manufacturing concepts – such as high-performance workpiece carrier circulation systems for projects with high volumes. Even modular production concepts are possible, which can be expanded based on volumes. Furthermore, we offer downstream or fully integrated operations such as the completely automated assembly, measurement, quality control and packaging of electronic components.

    The manufacturing concept developed by us enables fully automated production even for medium volumes. Our customers thus profit from a reasonable part price with comparatively low investment costs.

  • Tool manufacture
    Tool manufacture Tool manufacture

    After completion of the design phase, the required tools are produced. These ensure maximum quality serial production. The Tool & Stamping Center of Diehl Metal Applications is equipped with a wealth of high-tech machines and profits from its longstanding experience in the manufacture of sophisticated tool and fixture concepts. In this way, we guarantee you optimum process and and project development at all times. Small quantities for pre-series production, prototypes and serial production involving large volumes can thus all be produced in an economic way.

  • Quality
    Quality Quality

    Our automated production process ensures consistent quality across a long lifecycle. When it comes to quality-relevant characteristics, we carry out 100%, in-process and product-specific inspection scans. A 3D measuring machine is also available for quality assurance purposes. Besides this, our quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949.

  • Integrated value chain
    Integrated value chain Integrated value chain

    Diehl Metal Applications develops and produces complete or partial solutions along the value-adding chain, based on customer requirements: 

    • Support in selecting intelligent material combinations 
    • Highly integrated production processes in copper alloy production
    • State-of-the-art stamping & surface technologies
    • Overmolding & assembly technology

    Our customers and partners are free to decide at any time whether they want a partial solution where they provide the material, or if they wish to hand over the entire process to us. 

  • Cell contact systems for alternative drives

    In the area of alternative drives, Diehl Advanced Mobility is an important partner to the automotive industry, offering innovative solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles. The company acts as a development and production partner, particularly when it comes to parts for the electrification of the powertrain as well as to power and signal contacts of battery cells. The cell contact systems are used in series in various hybrid and electric vehicles. This is made possible by our innovative module strategy, which allows flexible support of the product concepts for hybrid and electric vehicles of OEMs.


    • Modular concept
    • Number of cells scalable
    • Flexible plug module connector
    • Modules in battery storage freely configurable