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Our employees, our success: a corporate culture of collaboration

Our employees form the valuable foundation of our company’s success. Their well-being and satisfaction are our top priority.

As a family-owned company with a long-standing tradition of stability and genuine trust, we actively champion the interests of our employees and ensure fair working conditions. In so doing, we follow not only the legal requirements, but also our own value system, offering our employees long-term professional perspectives.

The people who work at Diehl Metall have potential, ambition and passion. We reinforce these qualities through individual support as part of our numerous development programs. This advances our employees and the company as a whole.

And it goes without saying that a safe working environment is the cornerstone of every employment relationship. The health of our employees is of paramount importance to us. That is why we maintain high standards of occupational safety management at our sites and support the well-being of our employees through a comprehensive health management system.

It is important to us to raise awareness of sustainability among our employees and to provide them with information on the subject, for instance via the intranet, the employee magazine or our Sustainability Booklet.

Would you like to learn more about Diehl as an employer? Then please feel free to visit our Career Section.

Our commitment

To make an even greater contribution to the well-being of society, our aid projects and foundation activities are of key importance to us. Our aim is to protect people from ending up in need as well as to help those who are already in need. The support we offer is aimed primarily at employees and former employees of our company. It also extends, however, to people living in our region, particularly those who need our protection the most, namely our children. 

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As a company, we are aware that social responsibility cannot be limited to our own employees. For this reason, we also consistently uphold our social commitment along our supply and value chains. We want to ensure that our supplier companies set the same critical standards for their own actions as Diehl Metall sets itself. In cooperation with an external partner, we audit and evaluate our suppliers according to criteria of ecological as well as social sustainability and fulfill our obligations under the German Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains (LkSG).

We maintain a Code of Conduct in which we have formulated our expectations of suppliers, for example with respect to bans on corruption as well as on forced labor and child labor, and with respect to ensuring an appropriate working time and remuneration system (Code of Conduct for Suppliers).

The sourcing of conflict minerals represents a further social risk in supply chains, particularly in the metals industry. Conflict minerals are the metals tin, gold, tantalum and tungsten from mines in politically unstable areas. There, mining often involves fundamental human rights violations, money laundering, corruption, or the financing of armed groups. By completely refraining from sourcing conflict minerals, companies can avoid indirectly promoting such socially oppressive conditions. Diehl Metall identifies and controls these risks by having the affected business areas report on the origin of their metals using the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template [CMRT] – an official document of the Responsible Minerals Initiative. Customers can request this template from us at any time or use the download option here on our company website.

We take our due diligence seriously - not only in the upstream but also in the downstream supply chain. Here, we are happy to engage in an exchange with our customers and rely on proactive, transparent communication on the subject of sustainability, for example with our Customer Booklet Sustainability.