We bring metal into motion.

On the one hand, future mobility will be driven by innovations in the area of alternative drives; on the other, the topic of digitalization will play a significant role. New progress in the areas of transmission, engine and battery will also influence the supplier industry. Here, Diehl Metall is investing in new technologies in order to support this progress together with our customers and partners. After all, the development of high-performance, innovative solutions for the automotive industry is among the core competencies of Diehl Metall. 

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    Electric Systems

    Diehl Metall is constantly investing in new future-oriented technologies in order to support the progress in the field of electromobility together with our customers and partners.

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    Diehl Metall produces application-specific, current-carrying solutions which fulfil the requirements of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, low costs and high flexibility.

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    Engine & Aggregates

    Diehl Metall produces sophisticated and high-quality semi-finished brass products and die-forgings made of innovative copper alloys for highly complex technical requirements for applications in the field of engines & aggregates.

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    Thermal Systems

    Diehl Metall produces die-forged parts in an integrated production process, which ranges from in-house prematerial production to the finish-machined product.

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    For transmissions Diehl Metall develops and produces high-performance brass and steel synchronizer rings for all application areas. Our products fulfil exacting requirements with respect to precise geometry, high wear-resistance and strength.