• Copper AlloysCopper Alloys

    Copper Alloys

    For many decades now, Diehl Metall has been a reliable partner as a supplier of sophisticated and high-quality semi-finished goods made of copper and copper alloys.

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  • Rods, Tubes, ProfilesRods, Tubes, Profiles

    Rods, Tubes, Profiles

    Diehl Metall Messing produces sophisticated and high-quality semi-finished products made of brass, and serves the national and international markets as a major and high-tech brass manufacturer.

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  • Cell Contact SystemsCell Contact Systems

    Cell Contact Systems

    Diehl Advanced Mobility develops and produces high-performance cell contact systems for the drive of modern fuel cell, hybrid and electric vehicles.

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  • Pin Fin Heat SinksPin Fin Heat Sinks

    Pin Fin Heat Sinks

    Diehl Metall develops and produces powerful Pin Fin heat sinks, which provide an optimized thermal management in many applications.

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  • Die-ForgingsDie-Forgings


    Diehl Metall Schmiedetechnik is an efficient development and production partner for sophisticated die-forgings.

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  • Synchronizer RingsSynchronizer Rings

    Synchronizer Rings

    Diehl Metall is a successful partner to the international automotive industry in the area of synchronizer ring production. The company develops and produces high-performance brass and steel synchronizer rings for all application areas.

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  • Press-fit ZonesPress-fit Zones

    Press-fit Zones

    With its press-fit zones, Diehl Metal Applications (DMA) provides innovative, solder-free connection technology for meeting the demands of the automotive supply industry.

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  • Strip & WireStrip & Wire

    Strip & Wire

    Sundwiger Messingwerk, as part of Diehl Metal Applications, manufactures and distributes copper alloys in the form of strip and wire for international customers.

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