• Copper Alloys Copper Alloys

    Copper Alloys

    For many decades now, Diehl Metall has been a reliable partner as a supplier of sophisticated and high-quality semi-finished goods made of copper and copper alloys.

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  • Rods, Tubes, Profiles Rods, Tubes, Profiles

    Rods, Tubes, Profiles

    Diehl Brass Solutions produces sophisticated and high-quality semi-finished products made of brass, and serves the national and international markets as a major and high-tech brass manufacturer.

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  • Cell Contact Systems Cell Contact Systems

    Cell Contact Systems

    Diehl Advanced Mobility develops and produces high-performance cell contact systems for the drive of modern fuel cell, hybrid and electric vehicles.

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  • Metal Forming Parts Metal Forming Parts

    Metal Forming Parts

    Diehl Metall manufactures sophisticated metal forming parts of highest precision and quality for various applications.

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  • Pin Fin Heat Sinks Pin Fin Heat Sinks

    Pin Fin Heat Sinks

    Diehl Metall develops and produces powerful Pin Fin heat sinks, which provide an optimized thermal management in many applications.

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  • Synchronizer Rings Synchronizer Rings

    Synchronizer Rings

    Diehl Metall is a successful partner to the international automotive industry in the area of synchronizer ring production. The company develops and produces high-performance brass and steel synchronizer rings for all application areas.

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  • Press-fit Zones Press-fit Zones

    Press-fit Zones

    With its press-fit zones, Diehl Metal Applications (DMA) provides an innovative, solder-free connection technology for meeting the demands of the automotive supply industry.

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  • Metal-Plastic Hybrid Parts Metal-Plastic Hybrid Parts

    Metal-Plastic Hybrid Parts

    As a reliable partner, we develop and manufacture metal-plastic hybrid parts with overmolded contacts for future-oriented sensors and actuators.

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