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Metal-Plastic Hybrid Parts

Insert molding parts for intelligent mobility solutions

The proportion of electronic components in modern vehicles is constantly increasing. Future topics such as electromobility, autonomous driving and digitalization in particular are significantly reinforcing this trend and illustrate the transformation of the entire industry.

We, too, support this progress in the automotive sector and offer intelligent solutions for tomorrow's mobility with our innovative products. As a reliable partner, we develop and manufacture hybrid parts made of metal and plastic with overmolded contacts for future-oriented sensors and actuators.

We develop and produce our components according to individual customer requirements and provide support as early as the product development phase. Our products are used as part of sensors and actuators in demanding applications such as engines, parking systems and passive safety systems and contribute to making vehicles safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

Intelligent sensors collect a lot of data in automobiles: Distance, angle, pressure, temperature or even speed. In the course of advancing autonomization, their networking and communication with their surroundings - i.e. with other cars, pedestrians or even traffic lights - is also becoming increasingly important. Today, around 100 sensors are already installed in modern vehicles.

With our innovative technology concepts and our many years of experience as an automotive supplier, we manufacture customized plastic housings with overmolded contacts for ideal sensor solutions and support our customers already in the development stage.



  • Ultrasonic Sensors

    Ultrasonic Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors

    For determining distances to obstacles and for monitoring the space when parking.

  • Accerlation Sensors

    Accerlation Sensors Accerlation Sensors

    For use in passive safety systems such as airbags or belt tensioners.

  • Peripheral Pressure Sensors

    Peripheral Pressure Sensors Peripheral Pressure Sensors

    For fast and robust side impact detection to protect the vehicle occupants.

  • Actuators are an essential component of electronic control systems in modern vehicles. Their task is to convert the electrical signals of the control unit into an action. Actuators are usually electric motors or electromagnetic valves used in engine control and comfort systems.

    With our innovative technology concepts and our many years of experience as an automotive supplier, we develop and manufacture customized plastic housings with overmolded contacts for smart actuator solutions and engine housings.

We offer application-specific, current-carrying solutions which fulfil the requirements of energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and high flexibility.

As the mechanical and electrical contact between the bulb and the headlamp housing, our lamp bases represent the main link in vehicle lighting technology.

Our lamp bases ensure a long service life, strong performance and optimized lighting without sacrificing top quality and a convincing price-performance ratio. We offer a wide portfolio of lamp bases, which contribute to road safety in our customers' highly innovative headlights.

  • Halogen Lamp Sockets

    Halogen Lamp Sockets Halogen Lamp Sockets

    We have been manufacturing classic halogen lamp bases since 2002.

  • Xenon Lamp Sockets

    Xenon Lamp Sockets Xenon Lamp Sockets

    The xenon base provides approximately twice the luminous efficacy of the classic halogen lamp base, thus satisfying the increasing demands on the market for optimized and more powerful lighting.

  • LED Lamp Sockets

    LED Lamp Sockets LED Lamp Sockets

    The LED base impresses with its extremely long service life and high reliability combined with small installation space, a high degree of design freedom and low energy consumption. Thanks to the highly reduced energy consumption, LED technology is already contributing to an improved CO2 balance in road traffic.

  • Integrated value chain for individual requirements

    Our customers benefit from our integrated value chain and thus, from our comprehensive expertise across all development, production and process steps.

    • Stamping technology
    • Plating of the stamped parts with various coatings (e.g. nickel, tin, silver, gold as well as our lead-free surfaces such as Advanced Indium and Advanced Silver Tin (AgSn) etc.)
    • Overmolding of the plated stamped parts
  • Flexibility and quality in all production steps

    The production of our insert molding parts is based on our specially developed modular system (MAB concept). The modular MAB concept contains:

    • DMA feeding system for L-shape , U-shape and X-shape pins
    • Processing common automotive compounds like PPS; PBT; PP; PA6; PA6.6; PEI up to 60% fiber
    • Fully controlled and automatized over molding process
    • Fully integrated cleaning and inspection process
    • Laser marking with DMC (data matrix code) for full traceability
    • Fully integrated packaging according to customer specification

    This provides our customers with a platform that allows us to design the injection molding processes highly flexible according to customer-specific requirements. This innovative and future-proof production concept enables us to meet the high requirements in terms of quality and safety of our products and at the same time to offer our customers a favorable parts price at comparatively low investment costs.

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