Company Profile

Polished ideas and sustainable production

Diehl Metall offers a broad spectrum of innovative products and technologies in the area of metal processing. In a global production network with locations in Europe, Asia, South America and the US, we develop application-oriented solutions for our international customers.

The products of Diehl Metall are the result of longstanding technological development and material know-how. We assume responsibility in the area of climate and resource protection. We also place great value on recyclable alloys and composite materials. To fulfil this responsibility, we rely on technically optimized production processes and direct our innovation activities toward future trends.

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KPIs Diehl Group


732 million euros

Corporate Division Board

  • Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Dieter Landgraf (President)
  • Dipl.-Sozw. Manuela Kallinowsky
  • Dipl.-Kfm. Rainer Wehn


2,785 employees

Management system

  • Quality: IATF 16949 and ISO 9001
  • Environment: ISO 14001
  • Energy: ISO 50001
  • Occupational Safety: OHSAS 18001


  • Diehl Corporate Presentation 2021

    Diehl Corporate Presentation 2021Diehl Corporate Presentation 2021

    Diehl stands for quality and technology leadership

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  • Diehl Annual Report 2020

    Diehl Annual Report 2020Diehl Annual Report 2020

    The 2021 annual report will be published in July 2022.

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Fascinating ideas come from within

We are all around you – especially where you least expect it, namely in hidden places. Products from Diehl Metall are often hidden from sight and yet they make a considerable contribution to our daily lives. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Products
    • Copper alloys
    • Semi-finished products made of brass and special brass: Rods, hollow rods, tubes, profiles, ingots 
    • Metal forming parts made of copper, brass and aluminium
    • Pin Fin heat sinks
    • Synchronizer rings (brass, steel) with and without friction layer
    • Precision stamped parts
    • Press-fit zones incl. prototypes
    • Plated strip and stamped parts
    • Metal-plastic compound systems
    • Cell contact systems
  • Technologies
    • Alloy casting
    • Precision stamping technology
    • Press-fit technology
    • Plating technology
    • Overmolding & assembly technology
  • Services
    • Product and process development
    • Tool and die manufacture
    • Integrated added value
    • Metal management and recycling

Implementing innovation together

Over the past few years, technological progress has developed into a real driving force for the future across all industries. It is thus important to recognize the future requirements of the market and to implement these in the form of market-ready solutions. 

At Diehl Metall, too, we live and breathe a corporate culture of innovation and are already investing in the trends of tomorrow. Thanks to our innovation management system throughout the Diehl Group, we generate future-oriented ideas based on our traditionally evolved products and technologies. We enter into joint dialog both with our customers and business partners as well as with companies outside our industries. In this way, impetus for new technological developments and intelligent products is generated in interdisciplinary teams. 

To ensure that innovations are nurtured, we give good ideas scope to develop and grow by means of our Corporate Venturing.


Living quality. Generating quality.

Quality is the satisfaction of our customers with our products and processes, and thus forms the cornerstone of our success. To achieve this, our quality claim goes beyond merely fulfilling quality standards alone. Rather, we see it as our task to align, safeguard and continuously improve processes to meet the requirements of our customers. Thanks to an international quality management system and a high level of quality awareness among our employees, we can offer our customers high-quality products with service-oriented processes across all our locations. 

To safeguard and verify our quality, we are certified according to the following management systems: 

  • Quality: IATF 16949 and ISO 9001
  • Environment: ISO 14001
  • Energy: ISO 50001
  • Occupational Safety: OHSAS 18001

The Diehl Metall quality principles apply:

  • Customers


    With our products and services, we remain the partner of choice in our business fields. 

  • Suppliers


    Our suppliers form a major part of our value-adding chains and are thus actively involved in our quality management system.

  • Employees


    Our quality claim is lived by our employees at all locations worldwide.

  • Processes


    We place great emphasis on error prevention instead of troubleshooting, and we proactively reduce waste.

  • Environment / Energy

    Environment / EnergyEnvironment / Energy

    With our energy-intensive operations, we place great importance on the responsible handling of energy manuacturing products that are ecologically sound and sustainable. 

Metal ManagementMetal Management

Actively generating closed-loop material cycles.

Against the backdrop of climate change, it is becoming increasingly important to use the earth’s raw material reserves efficiently and in an environmentally sound way. We at Diehl Metall also contribute to this by actively striving to generate closed-loop material cycles.

We offer comprehensive metal management for copper and other non-ferrous metals, thereby promoting responsible handling of resources. These metals can be recycled completely and as often as required, without any impairment to quality.