Rods, Tubes, Profiles

Rods, Tubes, ProfilesRods, Tubes, Profiles

Diehl Metall Messing produces sophisticated and high-quality semi-finished products made of brass, and serves the national and international markets as a major and high-tech brass manufacturer. Our product portfolio encompasses more than 50 copper alloys and ranges from standard brasses to innovative copper alloys for fulfilling highly sophisticated technical requirements.

  • Brass in MS63 quality
    Brass in MS63 qualityBrass in MS63 quality

    Seamless drawn tubes made from the MS63 alloy family are lead-free and, due to their varied characteristics, are used in installation and sanitary technology in particular.

    Furthermore, semi-finished goods in MS63 quality guarantee dimensional accuracy and outstanding surface quality even with very thin wall thicknesses of approx. 0.5 mm. The most commonly used alloy for producing thin-walled tubes is CuZn37. With a copper content of 63 percent, this alloy lends itself particularly well to cold forming operations. It is highly suited to polishing and plating and is corrosion-resistant under normal atmospheric conditions – an easy-to-process, hassle-free material.

  • Special brasses and innovative copper alloys
    Special brasses and innovative copper alloysSpecial brasses and innovative copper alloys

    Special brasses are generated through the addition of suitable elements such as aluminum, manganese, silicon, nickel and tin. In this way, it is possible to influence the material properties of brass in an effective way, leading to improved alloys which are adapted to the relevant application.   

    Depending on the intended application, we thus develop innovative copper alloys with favorable combinations of properties, thereby fulfilling ever more complex requirements profiles.

    Special brasses are used in a number of applications in the automotive area as well as in heating and sanitary technology. 

  • Dezincification-resistant brasses
    Dezincification-resistant brassesDezincification-resistant brasses

    Dezincification-resistant brasses have proven their worth over the past years and decades. Even in aggressive waters, their dezincification resistance is outstanding. A special alloy composition as well as extensive heat treatment achieve the desired dezincification-resistant material properties.

    Due to their properties, dezincification-resistant brasses are particularly suitable for use in drinking water installations. Diehl Metall Messing provides special types of alloys for extruded and drawn products, for machining and as prematerial for forged parts.

    Note: The traditional dezincification-resistant materials of the group CW 602 N exceed the thresholds of the German Drinking Water Ordinance with respect to lead release. It is no longer permitted in Germany to install these alloys in drinking water installations. For other countries, the pertinent national regulations need to be observed.
  • Semi-finished goods in drilling and turning quality
    Semi-finished goods in drilling and turning qualitySemi-finished goods in drilling and turning quality

    Brass semi-finished products in drilling and turning quality consist of copper-zinc alloys with a low addition of lead. This lends the brass excellent machining properties, making it outstanding for the production of precision turned parts and forgings. Depending on the relevant alloy and manufacturing process, our material may be soft, hard, ductile, high-strength as well as wear- and corrosion-resistant.

    Brass in drilling and turning quality is found in almost all areas of life, from heating and building services, vehicle technology and electrical engineering to machinery and equipment manufacturing.

  • High-performance brasses for the automotive industry
    High-performance brasses for the automotive industryHigh-performance brasses for the automotive industry

    High-performance brasses for the automotive industry include materials from the BMOTION alloy family as well as the lead-free special brass ECOBRASS. These stand for: 

    • Fuel efficiency
    • Performance
    • Low emission values
    • Safety
    • Comfort

    These high-performance brasses are particularly well-suited to applications where brass parts are subject to frictional movements and thus wear stress, and which thereby demand toughness, surface quality, thermal conductivity and wear resistance. 

  • Drinking water alloys
    Drinking water alloysDrinking water alloys

    Drinking water is our most important source of life and thus the basis of our health. For this reason, the requirements relating to materials which come into contact with drinking water are becoming ever more stringent worldwide.

    The correct selection of suitable materials for drinking water installations is thus extremely important. Here, technical, economic and especially hygienic and heath aspects play a major role. The following materials have been specially designed for fulfilling the requirements in drinking water applications:

The range of dimensions of our rods, tubes and profiles is broadly based. We have all common dimensions in the area of standard rods made of the alloy CuZn39Pb3 in stock. All other qualities as well as alloys are produced according to standards or customer drawings in different dimensions, geometries and profile geometries.

  • Solid rods
    Solid rodsSolid rods

    For the area of solid rods, the tolerance classes of EN 12164 apply. 

  • Hollow rods
    Hollow rodsHollow rods

    For hollow rods and tubes, the tolerance classes of EN 12168 and EN 12449 apply.

    Dezincification-resistant brasses made of conventional alloys as well as the new generation made of AQCUARIN are tolerated according to EN 12164 or EN 12168.

  • Profile rods
    Profile rodsProfile rods

    Products from our comprehensive portfolio in the area of special brasses are tolerated according to EN 12164 and EN 12168. 

  • Tubes in MS63 quality

    For seamless drawn tubes in MS63 quality, the tolerance classes of EN 12449 apply. 

  • Billets, casting alloys
    Billets, casting alloysBillets, casting alloys

    We provide billets in all alloys which can be extruded and drawn as well as casting alloys in the form of conventional ingots / blocks or in a high-quality square form. 

To produce brass semi-finished products, Diehl Metall Messing is equipped with state-of-the-art, fully automatic machines. Furthermore, tools and machines are used which have been developed and manufactured in-house.

Efficient and effective production processes fulfil quality requirements and ensure short delivery times.
  • Brass Casting
    The input materials for brass are fed into the melting furnace in the form of scrap or as primary metals.
  • Extruding Brass Rods
    Extrusion is a forming process for producing metal rods, tubes and profiles.
  • Drawing Brass Rods
    Drawing machines are used to further process the rods which have been extruded in coils. During cold forming, both the mechanical properties as well as tight dimensional tolerances are achieved.
  • Logistics Process
    The Logistics Center has a high-bay warehouse for brass semi-finished goods as well as associated material handling facilities.