Purchasing Network

Purchasing Network Purchasing Network

Purchasing at Diehl is broken down into material groups. With flexible structures and constant innovation, our Purchasing Department guarantees efficient and effective supply of direct and indirect production factors.

Systematic material group management forms the core of our supplier management. We appoint a Strategic Purchaser and a Technical Purchaser for each material group.

Our supplier development program is our main supporting instrument here. It evaluates suppliers fairly according to quality, commercial, technical, and logistics performance.

Purchasing Functions at Diehl:

  • Strategic Purchasing
  • Component Engineering
  • Supplier Development
  • Advanced Purchasing
  • General Procurement

An overview of the material groups and the contacts for strategic purchasing by Diehl Controls is available in English as a download.

The General Procurement Diehl-Group is responsible for the worldwide procurement of non-product-related goods and services across the Group.

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