User Interface

User interface for a washing machine User interface for a washing machine

With the experience of several million produced user interfaces, we can also quickly design and produce your desired display - ranging from small 7-segment displays to large TFT displays with various integrated touch technologies.


  • Several million user interfaces produced per year
  • Supplier of complete user interfaces (UI) - from design of the functional housing to software and production
  • Wide variety of display media, ranging from simple 7-segment displays to large TFT displays
  • Know-how and concepts for different touch technologies (e.g. capacitive, piezo, infrared) on different surfaces (metal, glass, plastic etc.)
  • Display Interfaces from Low to High Speed (e.g.: LVDS)
  • Wide range of interfaces from USB to CAN enabling quick integration
  • Conversant with modern graphic environment and in UX design (tools: Qt, Embedded Wizard, TouchGFX) for an optimal user experience