Complete panel system for a washing machine Complete panel system for a washing machine

With comprehensive system competence in development and production, we provide complete panel systems. Our technology experts are in close contact with the customers and implement the optimum solutions for the mass market according to their wishes.


  • With the experience of millions of panels produced, we can support customers to create and produce their system
  • Complete system with housing (plastic & glass), display, touch technology, decoration, lighting, wiring harness
  • Panel design, system architecture, development of mechanics, electronics, software etc.
  • Integration of wide variety of display media, ranging from simple 7-segment displays to large TFT displays
  • Use of different touch technologies (e.g. capacitive, piezo, infrared) on different surfaces (metal, glass, plastic etc.)
  • Comprehensive production processes such as plastic moulding, plastic coating, hot stamping, touch foil bonding , plastic & glass bonding, screen printing, tampon printing, ultrasonic welding, PCB assembly, harness assembly, packaging, system testing etc.
  • Wire harness with pre-assembled cables, cable ducts, cable ties, plastic fasteners, ferrites, heat-shrink tubing and various connectors