• Diversity
  • Fairness
  • Training
  • Health

At Diehl Controls, we understand that our employees as well as society are essential parts of our commitment to sustainable cooperation. We are convinced that a sustainable future is only possible if we invest in the well-being of our people and the communities we operate in. Therefore, equal opportunities, diversity and high social standards are part of Diehl Control’s open and honest corporate culture. And by working together, we can create a world that is socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and economically viable for generations to come.

Exemplary measures:

  • As an globally established organization we maintain an appreciative and collegial relationship across different mentalities, races, religions, and cultures.
  • We are deeply committed to the long tradition and the values of the Diehl Group, which have always centered on our employees.
  • In an environment of fair working conditions, good development opportunities and purposeful promotion, we create an atmosphere for mutual success.
  • Our safe working environment is the foundation that protects and maintains the health of our employees in the best possible way.
  • Living up to our responsibilities as a company we strive to maintain high global health standards across all our operations.
  • We prioritize the health and safety of our employees, customers, and partners and take necessary steps to meet local and international regulations.
  • To achieve our sustainability goals, we recognize the importance of employee training and development.
  • We provide regular training programs to our employees to improve their skills, knowledge, and awareness of sustainable practices. Thus, we ensure that they are equipped to contribute to our sustainable development efforts.
  • Diversity and inclusion are essential for our sustainability journey and contribute to our ability to adapt to changing circumstances and innovate for the future. A diverse recruiting process throughout all hierarchy levels makes sure that we attract and retain the best talent.
  • Diehl Control’s social responsibility includes our external partners along our supply and value chains. Here, we continue our commitment to realise our social quality and value standards in a holistic manner.