Battery Management

With many years of experience in the development and production of electronic control units, we engineered a platform for battery management system (BMS) with narrowband IoT connectivity. The BMS is designed for high SIL/ASIL rating compliance. Being customizable and scalable, it can be integrated in customer- specific applications for supervision of Lithium-Ion battery modules.


  • Compact all-in-one battery management system for energy storage (e.g. solar power storage) or industrial applications (e.g. forklifts)
  • Electronic platform serves as the basis for the customer system
  • Basic operating system for flexible expansion of customer-specific functions and software parts
  • Decoupled or lockstep main control for maximum flexibility or safety
  • Integration of diverse components using different interfaces (e.g. CAN)
  • Real-time monitoring of battery status with integrated connectivity nodes
  • Integration of customer algorithms for calculation of SoX (SoC, SoH, ...)
  • Long-time experience in implementing product approvals for our customers (VDE, UL or CCC)