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Prototypes are a fundamental component for fast development of an optimal product for a targeted customer segment or a market segment. For this reason, our development process includes various sample stages at different points in time. In the first stage, the required function will be achieved by a proof of concept. In the subsequent development stages, each optimization evolves the product with increased accuracy into a perfectly producible repetition part.


  • Many years of practical and project experience in the production of prototypes
  • In-house rapid prototyping to secure production-related prototypes and producibility
  • Continuous improvement process in product development and manufacturing
  • Risk and quality management at an early stage
  • Multi-stage optimization cycles from A-sample (proof of concept) to (zero) series
  • Preparation of initial sampling as well as approval of production process and product
  • Early optimization of the supply chain (both components and product)
  • Production of housing samples using 3D printing process
  • Fast and flexible examination of prototypes using flying probe testing
  • Detailed error analysis through in-house X-ray inspection, 3D measurement and others

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