Successful software development must cover the entire software lifecycle in a professional way. Success factors are a scalable architecture, modern programming techniques and a constantly high software quality. Based on this approach and thanks to our broad expertise, we realize holistic end-to-end solutions for our customers. With decades of experience in the field of embedded systems, we work closely with well-known manufacturers of microcontrollers. We also have extensive know-how in cloud computing.


  • Many years of development know-how throughout the entire software lifecycle
  • Extensive software planning by system and software architects in close collaboration with the respective departments
  • Creation of software code in consistent compliance with the layer model to ensure optimal efficiency, reuse, maintainability, and high software quality
  • Support of microcontrollers from all established manufacturers using lean internally developed operating systems up to embedded Linux.
  • The customer can contribute with own development - from hardware abstraction up to the finished application
  • Implementation of projects using professional processes (e.g. Scrum, Spice), standards (e.g. Appliance IEC 60335-SW Class B) and certifications (e.g. VDE, UL)
  • Use of a modern high-performance toolchain.
  • Use of tools for planning of tasks (e.g. JIRA), documentation (e.g. UML), source code management and traceability (e.g. PTC Integrity)
  • Long-time maintenance and update possibilities
  • Extensive software testing
Applied technologies (excerpt):

From 8 Bit Controller up to ARM Cortex Architecture / Operating Systems like Linux, FreeRTOS, own Diehl OS / Hardware Abstraction Layer / Board Support Package / customized and optimized peripheral drivers / Software Interfaces& Middleware / Open Source Libraries / Data Management (distributed systems) / Digital Signal Processing / Data Storage and Processing /  Embedded File System / Cyber Security / Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) / HID (Touch, Slider, keyboards, buttons) / communication (CAN, WLan, Bluetooth, LTE, NB-IoT) / edge computing / certificate handling &  authentication / OTA software update / cloud computing / software class B (Din Iso 60730, 60335)