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A woman and two men look at strategy documents A woman and two men look at strategy documents

Our corporate strategy is based on contributing to our customers’ success by creating value. The crucial factors here are technological know-how, maximum customer orientation, and high levels of flexibility. Diehl Controls draws on all the necessary competencies that enable us to provide a full service range along the entire value-creation chain - from the original idea right up to the finished product ready for volume production. We also produce to order according to pre-specified circuit diagrams.

Currently, two developments dominate our core market of household appliances. Firstly, electronics are becoming ever more complex, and secondly, the use of brushless motors is increasing. There are various reasons for this. Brushless motors are low-maintenance, comparatively quiet, and feature a simple mechanical design. These motors cannot run without electronic frequency inverters. That’s why one key focus of our future activities is producing these inverters - both for household appliances and other applications.

This drive principle is used not only for white goods, but also in technology-related products such as heat pumps or power tools. These markets offer vast potential. For example, heat pumps are already installed in 30 percent of new buildings in Germany. However, it’s not only their popularity that is increasing, but also consumers’ expectations of heat pump controllability.

We think and act globally, supporting our customers in their target markets. They can rely on the same quality wherever they are, because we make sure of uniform processes, products, and tools at all of our locations, worldwide. Our production is already cost-effective and highly automated. To stay ahead of the curve, we are driving ahead with digitalization for even more advanced automation. Organizationally, we follow the principles of lean management that slims down corporate structures and optimally coordinates all activities.

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