The importance of good mechanical design is frequently undervalued. And yet it is crucial to provide products not only with an appealing design but also with the required functionality, whether for optimal heat flow or a necessary robustness. For this reason, we design all products in such a way that they can be optimally manufactured while keeping the costs for injection molds and parts as low as possible.


  • Design of robust mechatronic systems
  • Application of Design for Manufacturing (DFM) during conception ensures optimal producibility
  • One-stop engineering of products - from housings, optical fibres, cooling elements, wiring & harness design to packaging design
  • Construction of production-optimized housings made of plastic (as thermoplastic or thermosetting resins) or metal (stamping and bending technology, extruded profiles, aluminium die casting)
  • Design of housings for power electronics and inverters with thermal management
  • Use of simulations for structural, thermal and flow analysis of plastic parts, as well as for simulation of injection molding
  • Rapid prototyping for all common types of additive manufacturing using 3D printing for a quick proof of concept
  • Accompanying quality control for high product and process quality in the development process, methods such as system FMEA
  • High degree of optimization across the entire value chain, from the fabrication of individual parts to the processing during production
  • Close collaboration with suppliers at international sites
  • Research on new materials and technologies (e.g. plastic EMC-shielding)