The 3SENSE technology enables cost-efficient implementation of innovative product design with unique handling. The great advantage of this technology is that, instead of only one, each switch has three operating options: MOVE, TOUCH, PRESS.


  • New touch technology for next-generation intuitive user interface product designs
  • Each key can be assigned with 3 different states - MOVE, TOUCH and PRESS
  • Detection of approach, light touch and firm pressure
  • Easy and cost-efficient realization of sliders, double assignment of buttons or wiping gestures
  • New designs with completely black operating front
  • Versatile product applications such as Black Panel cooker, 2-hand safety operation, door opener, code entry and much more
  • Suitable for operation with gloves
  • Applicable for household appliances, hygiene products, industrial products, e-mobility and in many other industries
  • Optional delivery as complete panel system or as individual components