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General Procurement

General Procurement General Procurement

The General Procurement Diehl-Group is responsible for the worldwide procurement of non-product-related goods and services across the Group. This includes the following Commodities.

For supplier management, tenders, communication and the reliable exchange of data, we use the SAP Ariba procurement platform with our suppliers.

To apply as a potential supplier of our network, please click here.

Instructions and an overview of how to apply can be found  here.


  • Constructions
    • New Construction and Reconstruction (Building, Exterior, Roads, Electrical, Lights, Exhaust) Containers/Tents/Construction site equipment
    • Architectural services
  • Facility Management
    • Site Services (Cleaning, Postal, Reception, Security, Garden, Company restaurant etc.)
    • Building Maintenance (Painter, Windows, Doors, Electrician, Fire Protection, Sanitary etc.)
    • Office Equipment (Tables, Chairs, Cabinets etc.)
    • Disposal & Recycling
    • Personal Safety and signs
  • Machines & Maintenance
    • All kinds of Machines (CNC, SMD, Robot/Automation, Sawing, Punching Presses etc.)
    • Special-Purpose machines and testing systems
    • Maintenance, Services and spare parts for machines
  • Shopfloor
    • Forklift, Lift trucks
    • Transport devices, Cranes/Hoists, Handling technology
  • Equipment & Operational Supplies
    • Workshop- and warehouse equipment (Workshop tables, storage racks, plastic containers, ladders etc.)
    • Tools (Hand-, Power-, Pneumatic-, Punching-, Abrasives, Pieceholder, tools according to drawing)
    • Supplies (Technical gases, Oils and lubricants, Chemicals and Additives)
  • General Services
    • Office supplies, Books and digital media
    • HR Services (Recruiting/Headhunters, Job advertisements etc.)
    • Marketing (Advertising Agency, Events & Trade fairs, Means of advertising etc.)
    • General Services (Management Consulting, Translation services, Accounting, Tax and Legal Counsel)
  • Logistics
    • Land-, Sea-, Rail-, Airfreight
    • Warehousing Services
    • Courier,Expressand Parcel etc.
  • Corporate Services and Mobility Management
    • Travel Agency
    • Rental Cars
    • Credit Cards
    • Car Leasing
    • Hotel booking sites
  • IT
    • IT Hardware (Laptops, Displays, Printers, Peripherals, Servers, Switches, Phones etc.)
    • Network (Landlines, Internet, WAN, Cellular Services etc.)
    • Software
    • IT Services (Consulting, Development, Support etc.)
  • Engineering Services
    • Design services
    • Technical Documentation
  • Corporate Supply
    • Gas
    • Electricity
    • Heating Oil
    • Water etc.
  • Real Estate
    • Design services
    • Property / Land Purchase
  • External Laboratory and Services
    • External Tests
    • Test jigs
  • Technical devices & Tools
    • Tool design services
    • Tool manufacturing
    • Technical Documentation
  • Test parts & Mock-Up
    • Test parts
    • Mock up
  • Temporary Workforce
    • Temporary workers

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